Step 1: Understanding Advisement


  • Prof. Gordon Campbell ( is Clinical Professor of Public Service and Director of the EMPA Public Service Leaders program. Gordon can assist you with course selection in light of your academic and professional goals. As you will read in Step 4 of this guide, you will schedule an individual learning plan consultation with Gordon this spring or summer to discuss your fall course schedule and longer-term academic plans.
  • Scott Statland ( is Associate Director of Advisement and Student Services and Program Advisor for EMPA Public Service Leaders. Scott can provide guidance on degree requirements, academic policies, course enrollment procedures, overall academic planning, and the many resources and services available to you as an NYU Wagner student.
  • In the summer, you will receive additional guidance from an EMPA Peer Advisor who is a second-year Wagner student in the Executive program. Your EMPA Peer Advisor will contact you in June and will be a helpful resource who can also connect you to other incoming EMPA Public Service Leaders and EMPA Global Policy Leaders


Your program advisor, Scott Statland, is a member of the Wagner Student Services team, whose mission, role, and communications you can read about below.

Our Mission

Wagner Student Services is dedicated to supporting all students’ academic success and well-being by providing timely and accurate information and facilitating connections to resources at Wagner and across the University.

We strive to build and maintain a welcoming and respectful advising environment that empowers students to identify and pursue their academic, professional, and personal goals.

Our Role

The Student Services team introduces you to Wagner through an "Orientation Over Time" process that begins with this Getting Started Guide and continues through the opening weeks of the fall term. 

Throughout your time here, Wagner Student Services is a central advisement resource for you, primarily through your program advisor. We provide you with:

  • Information and referrals to support your academic and professional goals
  • Advisement on your degree progress and academic plans
  • Clarification of academic policies and procedures
  • Assistance finding solutions to your questions and concerns

Our Communications

Wagner Student Services communicates with you regarding specific deadlines and processes relevant to your academic success. Our communications include:

  • Advising Public Services Announcement emails every two weeks throughout the summer before your first term
  • Advising Public Services Announcement emails weekly during the fall and spring terms
  • Timely program/specialization-specific emails relevant to your course of study

Should your program advisor (Scott Statland, not be available for direct correspondence, you can reach other members of the Wagner Student Services team by writing to