Step 3: Executive Coaching and Co-Curricular Sessions

A component of the EMPA for Public Service Leaders program is the EXEC-GP 100 Executive Coaching and Co-Curricular Program on Saturdays. This fall semester lunchtime series will begin on Saturday, September 8 (from 12:40-2:20pm) and includes executive coaching, a leadership speaker series, and workshops on presentation and writing skills. The sessions were created for and are only open to students in the Wagner EMPA for Public Service Leaders program and in the EMPA for Global Policy Leaders program. The sessions provide structured and open time for students across these two EMPA programs to network and collaborate. Lunch will be served. Later this summer, you will see the sessions, fee and location appear on your schedule in Albert and you'll receive the schedule of coaches, speakers and workshops. 

Optional Workshops: Weekdays

Wagner offers brief preparatory workshops; however, please note that they are open to all Wagner students and they are not tailored specifically for Executive students. Most meet in August, prior to start of classes. These workshops provide tips on a variety of topics, such as time/project management and library research methods. Students register for these free workshops on Albert just as they would any other course. Once students have registered on Albert, attendance is mandatory. Dates, times and course call numbers may be found on the fall schedule in Albert. More information about workshops in Albert (NONCR-GP courses).

Online Math Refresher and Classroom Review Module
Later this summer, Wagner will send you information about an online math refresher. We encourage you to review these materials to determine how much review you may need to do before classes begin. In addition to the online refresher, Wagner also offers a preparatory in-class workshop before the start of the semester. Math Review (NONCR-GP 906) is a non-credit review module. This module will offer you the opportunity to ask questions in a classroom setting and will contextualize the quantitative review by giving examples of how the material will appear in your core finance course. 

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