Determine your course load and enrollment status

A full-time course load is typically 16 credits per term. A 12-credit load is considered full-time but may impact Capstone eligibility.

A part-time course load is 6-8 credits per term. Taking fewer than 6 credits per term will make it difficult to complete the degree within the 5-year time limit. It will also impact your eligibility for financial aid.

Consider your anticipated specialization

MPA-Health & MPA-PNP options:

  • Finance
  • International
  • Management
  • Policy

MUP options:

  • Economic Development and Housing elective cluster
  • Environment, Infrastructure and Transportation elective cluster
  • International Development Planning specialization

Plan your core courses with your specialization in mind

You will not be required to declare a specialization until later in your first semester (if you are a full-time student) or second semester (if you are a part-time student). However, you must follow these first-semester course plans based on your anticipated specialization.

First-Semester Course Plans:

Relevant Preparatory Workshops

  • Math Review
    If you need a quantitative refresher, register for the non-credit Math Review (NONCR-GP 906) module offered in August as well as early in the semester. The math skills self-assessment exam will help you determine whether you should register for the Math Review.
  • Writing Workshop

If you feel you need to brush up on your writing skills, consider taking the non-credit Professional Writing (NONCR-GP 907) module which meets during the fall semester. More information is available here.


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