Important Dates - Global EMPA

All important dates can be found in the Wagner Academic and Career Services Calendar. Please add this calendar to your calendars once you have activated your NYU Home account.

Date Event
May 7 Fall 208 registration begins for new students
June 1 Submit Individual Learning Plan
June 30 Enroll or Waive out of Student Health Insurance
July 1 Immunization deadline
August 1 Complete "Think About It" Sexual Misconduct Training for Students
August 1 Course waiver deadline
August 16, 20, and 21 Academic Orientation Sessions (choose one) - See Orientation page for RSVP links
August 20 Core Course Waiver Exams (Statistics and Microeconomics only)
August 23 International Student Orientation
August 25 New Student Retreat
August 28 Core Course Waiver Exams (Statistics, Microeconomics, and Financial Management)
September 4 First day of Fall 2018 classes
September 4, 11:59pm Last day for complete withdrawal with full refund of tuition and fees
September 6 Student Information Fair
September 13 Student Faculty Meet & Greet
September 16, 11:59pm Last day of Add/Drop period on Albert. After September 16, no refund of tuition and fees
September 18 Fall 2018 Tuition Payment Due
September 18, 11:59pm Last day of Add/Drop period on Albert. After September 18, no refund on tuition and fees
September 30 Last day to waive Student Health Insurance



Spring Terms at UCL

Your orientation at UCL's School of Public Policy will be in early January (dates TBD, but please reserve Thursday, January 3, 2019 and Friday January 4, 2019). As a result, you must plan to arrive in London no later than December 27, 2017.

Classes at UCL for the spring, called “Term 2”, will begin on Monday, January 7, 2019 and end on Friday, March 22, 2019.

If you choose to leave London after Term 2, note that you may need to return to London at some point in Term 3 (Tuesday, April 23 - Friday, June 7, 2019). For example, the examination for one of the required courses was on May 4 in 2018 so it will be on a similar date in 2019. If you choose an elective course that requires an in-class examination, you may have an examination at a later date (it is typically possible to choose electives that do not have an in-class examination). If your elective course instead requires an essay paper, you must submit a hard copy of the paper. You can choose to mail the paper via post, but it must meet the exact deadline; otherwise the grade will be penalized. This is a strict policy, which UCL will outline and explain to you.

Visit this page to see more dates in the UCL calendar: Contact Listbeth Aagaard at UCL's School of Public Policy ( with any questions about Term 2 and Term 3.


You will begin discussing ideas your Capstone project in the fall term while you are at Wagner. In April you will begin to solely focus on your Capstone project and the final deliverable will be due on July 31. The content and locations of the projects will be discussed in the fall and winter under advisement with the Global EMPA faculty.


You will officially graduate from the program in September 2019. You will receive an email from NYU Wagner later in the Fall 2018, semester outlining when and how to apply for September 2019 graduation. Your diploma will be mailed to your permanent address, as listed in Albert, approximately eight weeks after your September graduation date.

NYU has only one commencement ceremony per year, which is in mid May. Wagner's Convocation ceremony is also once per year and typically the day before or the day after the NYU Commencement ceremony. More information on NYU commencement and convocation ceremonies can be found here.

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