Step 2: Review Degree Requirements and Electives

Review Required Courses

The Global EMPA degree requires 30 credits to graduate, consisting of four required courses (12 credits), four elective courses (12 credits), and a Capstone project (6 credits). You will take two of the four required courses at Wagner in the fall, along with electives, and two required courses at UCL in the spring, along with electives. The degree requirements and required course descriptions can be found on this page

Courses at Wagner are either 3 credits or 1.5 credits, hence you can take 2-4 elective courses in the fall.

We will register you for your two required Global EMPA courses for Fall 2018:

Note: You must also reserve a weekday daytime in your calendar for the Global EMPA discussion with faculty. Exact room location and dates will be announced before classes begin. 

Choose Elective Courses

To assist you in choosing electives, we've created the Global EMPA Degree Requirement and Elective Curriculum Pathways document, which notes the relevant electives offered at Wagner in the fall and the relevant electives offered at UCL in the spring. 

Submit your Individual Learning Plan

The goal of the Global EMPA program is to facilitate your learning, help you find the best courses, resources and connections, and to ensure you meet the degree requirements. Your Global EMPA experience should be as full and rich as possible. To get you started, we require that you complete the Global EMPA Individual Learning Plan, which will help you reflect on what you want to gain from the Global EMPA program as well as guide you toward relevant elective courses.

Please complete the Global EMPA Individual Learning Plan and return it to Hannah Atchison ( within 10 business days. The UCL and Wagner faculty directors of the Global EMPA will review your Individual Learning Plan and respond with feedback and advice.

Note: You must be mindful of course prerequisites for fall elective courses. As an EMPA student, you are waived from Wagner's core management (CORE-GP 1020) and policy (CORE-GP 1022) courses, which are sometimes prerequisites for higher-level courses. After selecting your elective courses, if you have a question about a course prerequisite (such as microeconomics, financial management, or statistics), please contact Hannah Atchison at and inform her of the course you wish to take and its prerequisites.

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