Step 5: Course Waivers

Waiving Courses

EMPA students may request waiver of a prerequisite to a desired elective course on an ad hoc basis (see "Prerequisite Notice" in the "Electives" section of this guide, in Step 3).

If you anticipate taking a substantial amount of higher-level coursework in Wagner's MPA-Public & Nonprofit Management & PolicyMPA-Health Policy & Management, and/or Master of Urban Planning (MUP) programs, then review the Wagner course catalog to see if the electives you are most interested in list any of these common prerequisites: 

If several of your desired electives share a common prerequisite, then review the course-specific waiver instructions for that prerequisite on our Course Waiver page.

Course Waiver Deadlines

If you are eligible to waive a course, you should! And you should start the process right away. The priority deadline to submit written waiver requests so that you hear back before the start of the fall semester is August 1, 2020.

If you do not qualify for a waiver based on submission of prior coursework, you may still qualify by taking a waiver exam. You can register for the relevant course waiver exam (scheduled in August), and view practice exams beforehand on our Course Waiver page.

Note: All waiver requests must be submitted before the start of your second semester (i.e., before Spring 2021).

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