Understanding Advisement

The Global EMPA program encourages you to seek guidance from multiple sources throughout your academic career. Just as no single mentor can fulfill all of a professional's needs, you will receive richer and more valuable advice from multiple advisors. These individuals will offer advice about making the most of the academic program at Wagner and UCL. Advisement can continue with Wagner and UCL faculty over the summer as you continue with your Capstone program. 

Faculty Advisement at Wagner

Faculty Advisors: Professors Paul Smoke and John Gershman

While these faculty will serve as your primary advisors, you may seek advisement from a range of professors and academics throughout your time at Wagner and UCL, depending on your interests.

Wagner Student Services Team 

Wagner Student Services is dedicated to supporting all students’ academic success and well-being by providing timely and accurate information and facilitating connections to resources at Wagner and across the University.

We strive to build and maintain a welcoming and respectful advising environment that empowers students to identify and pursue their academic, professional, and personal goals. You will have contact with two advisors from the Student Services team the most while you are at Wagner. 

  • Hannah Atchison is the Global EMPA Program Advisor. Hannah is here to support your academic and professional goals, advise on degree progress, clarify academic policies and assist in finding solutions to your questions. Hannah will aid in your transition to UCL as well. 
  • Scott Statland is the EMPA Public Service Leader Program Advisor. Scott manages the Saturday co-curricular programming and various events surrounding the EMPA programs.

Please keep an eye out for emails from both Hannah and Scott. 

EMPA Peer Advisement

In the summer, you will receive guidance from an EMPA Peer Advisor who is a second-year Wagner student in an executive program. Your EMPA Peer Advisor will contact you in June and will be a helpful resource who can also connect you to students across our EMPA programs. 

Advisement at UCL 

Faculty Advisor: Professor Marc Esteve  

Global EMPA Program Advisor: Hannah Berry

In late September, you will meet the UCL team and work with Hannah Berry to begin the registration process for the spring term at UCL.  

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