Understand Advisement

The Global EMPA program encourages you to seek guidance from multiple sources throughout your academic career.  Just as no single mentor can fulfill all of a professional's needs, you will receive richer and more valuable advice from multiple advisors.

EMPA Peer Advisement

In the summer, you will receive guidance from an EMPA Peer Advisor who is a second-year Wagner student in an executive program. Your EMPA Peer Advisor will contact you in June and will be a helpful resource who can also connect you to students across our EMPA programs.

Faculty Advisement

Your assigned Faculty Advisors are the Global EMPA Faculty Directors and Teaching Faculty, Professors Paul Smoke, John Gershman, Albert Weale and Marc Esteve. These four faculty will offer advice about making the most of the academic program at Wagner and UCL. Advisement can continue via email or Skype over the summer. You'll continue to meet Wagner faculty in the fall at the Wagner New Student Retreat and at the Wagner Student/Faculty Reception at the beginning of the semester. Similar activities will occur in January at UCL's School of Public Policy.

While these faculty will serve as your primary advisors, you may seek advisement from a range of professors and academics throughout your time at Wagner and UCL, depending on your interests.

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