Getting Started Checklist: Global EMPA

Now that you have registered for courses, you should use the Getting Started Checklist as your month-by-month guide to the tasks you need to accomplish before the start of the term (and when you need to complete them).

Start with the current month, but also go back and check off tasks from all prior months before the next month begins!

Feel free to work ahead where possible, but as long as you stay on pace with the suggested timing, you will be prepared for the first week of class.

Special note about Student Health Insurance

NYU requires that all students in degree-granting programs maintain health insurance for the duration of their program. Students are automatically enrolled in the NYU-sponsored student insurance plan as part of the course registration process. If you plan to attempt to waive the insurance, be very sure you've completed all steps and that your waiver was approved. Otherwise, you will be automatically charged for and enrolled into the NYU insurance.

International students are automatically enrolled in the NYU-sponsored comprehensive insurance plan. However, they may downgrade to the basic insurance plan, but they must do that themselves.

Coverage in an approved health insurance plan is required for the duration of this program, including while you are in London and abroad for Capstone. If you plan to waive the NYU-sponsored health plan for while you are in London and afterwards in summer, you must do that in advance per the NYU deadlines and procedure.

The health insurance requirements and waiver process are managed directly by NYU student health insurance office, rather than NYU Wagner, so any questions about health insurance may directed to that office. To read more about requirements, waiver process and options, visit the NYU's Student Health Insurance website.

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