Welcome MPA-PNP, MPA-Health & MUP Students

As you begin the process of registering for classes at Wagner for the first time, we would like to orient you briefly to the key sections of the Student Portal so you can successfully navigate the website as a current student.  Please take a few minutes to watch the following video before continuing:

Registration Guide

Next,  you will find step-by-step instructions for getting started as a new student. Read all steps in the order they are provided and do not skip steps.

After completing all the steps in this sequence, you will have:

  • Registered for the correct courses to stay on track in your program
  • Signed up for all mandatory orientation activities
  • Considered the quantitative refresher tools at your disposal
  • Taken the mandatory Academic Oath

Don't forget about the Getting Started Checklist that was provided to you when you were first admitted to the program! It is a list of important month-by-month tasks to complete as you get ready for Wagner.

Get started now!