Quantitative Refresher

ALEKS Online Math Refresher Tool

All of Wagner’s quantitative core courses draw on basic math. Before beginning your first semester, we strongly encourage you to sharpen your math skills. ALEKS is a free online tool you can use to check your readiness and improve your skills. 

Wagner’s ALEKS program starts with a ½ hour online diagnostic test that covers the math skills that are used in the Wagner core.  It then provides an assessment, telling you whether you’re already prepared (no more ALEKS needed), or need reinforcement in one or more areas.  If you need more work, ALEKS provides a customized course addressing your areas of weakness and giving you problems to solve.  It tells you when you’ve mastered concepts and provides resources if you need more help. 

If you complete the diagnostic test and then go on to complete the customized course, you will need to set aside about an hour a day for two weeks, but you are free to work at your own pace.  You may access the course for up to six weeks from the date you activate your ALEKS account.  It is a small time commitment to help you start your program better prepared and with more confidence.   

You will be given access to the ALEKS program after you've participated in an online First Advisement Webinar.

Classroom Review Workshop

In addition to ALEKS, Wagner offers Math Review (NONCR-GP 906), an in-person, non-credit preparatory workshop at the start of the term, which you can register for via Albert. This workshop will provide you with a contextualized quantitative review designed explicitly for our quantitative core courses. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions.

Regardless of the specialization you choose, at least three of the core courses you are required to take will involve quantitative skills. You are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the refresher materials and preparatory workshop.
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