Step 2: Review Your Courseload and Specialization

Before registering for your first term, you need to know the answers to these two questions:

1. How many credits will I take?

Full-Time Students: 12 credits (e.g. four 3-credit courses) per fall and spring term is considered full-time. International students studying on a visa are required to take 12 credits per term, but important details about course load are covered in the mandatory International Student Orientation.

Part-Time Students: Typically 6 credits (e.g. two 3-credit courses) per fall and spring term and 3 credits in the summer. Taking anything less will impact financial aid eligibility and may make it difficult to complete your degree within the 5-year time limit. If you are working full time, we strongly advise no more than 6 credits in fall and spring.

2. What's my specialization?

Because two thirds of your degree is comprised of required courses that generally need to be taken in a specific order, you should review the requirements of your specialization before getting started.

To assist you with the planning and tracking of your degree progress, we created Program Requirement Checksheets for each specialization in every degree program. Each checksheet lists all of the required courses for the specialization and indicates prerequisite(s) as well as term(s) in which each course is typically offered. The Program Requirement Checksheets are thereby your tool for mapping out your term-by-term course path at Wagner. You can find them posted by degree program on the Degree Requirements page in the Academics section of the Student Portal.

Follow the links below to the page for your chosen specialization: