Step 2: Review Your Requirements

Before registering for your first semester, you should review your degree requirements.  These can be found on the Degree Requirements page for the MSPP program.  Also on that page you'll find the Program Requirement Checksheet; the checksheet lists your requirements term by term and allows you to track your degree progress.

As part of the 42 credits required for the degree, you must complete 6 credits of Topic Elective coursework and 3 credits of Method Elective coursework and 1.5 credits of either Topic or Method Elective from the respective lists.

The Topic Electives provide you with an opportunity to apply and deepen your analytical, communication and quantitative skills, while also developing expertise in one or more policy arenas.   The faculty advise that it can be useful to select electives with an eye towards the analytical tools and policy content students are most interested in developing and demonstrating for your professional trajectory.  

The Method Electives are meant to deepen your skills in quantitative methods and data analytics.  These are inter-related - but distinct - skills needed by policy analysts.

To assist you with your choice, note that you can access course descriptions and syllabi for courses on the electives list by clicking on the course number for each course.