Course Load and Sequencing

Course Load

Full-time students usually enroll for 12 credits each semester and typically receive their MPA or MUP degrees in two years, the Executive MPA degree in one year, and the Ph.D. in four to five years. MPA and MUP students beginning in the spring term will require two and a half years to complete their degree due to Capstone.

Part-time students usually enroll for 6 credits each semester and typically take twice as long to complete their degrees.


Degree Time Limit

All coursework for master's degree students must be completed within five years. Doctoral students must complete their degree within seven years if transferring master's credits and ten years, if doing all coursework at Wagner.


Sequencing Courses

Students must pay careful attention to the proper sequencing of courses. In particular, they should ensure that all prerequisites have been met prior to taking advanced courses. Sequencing requirements will vary depending on the degree program and specialization track. Master's degree students should complete core and specialization courses before beginning the Capstone course.



Students are responsible for determining if a course has a prerequisite and for taking the required course prior to the upper-level course. Generally, school-wide and program core courses serve as prerequisites for these courses. The faculty have put these prerequisites in place to ensure that students are successfully prepared for advanced coursework.

Please note that a course cannot be taken at the same time as a prerequisite; courses that can be taken concurrently are listed clearly in course descriptions and on the program requirement checksheet as co-requisites.