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Transportation Ladybosses Meetup

A group of women transportation leaders met informally as a group on the evening of April 24th. The group celebrated each other’s achievements, connected in their work, and offered help and inspiration across agencies and sectors.

Women transportation leaders meetup
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NYU Rudin Center Hosts Women Leaders in Transportation Panel

The NYU Rudin Center hosted the “Women Leaders in Transportation” event on May 14th.  Sarah Kaufman led a panel with four exceptional executive women to celebrate and discuss their leadership in the NYC transportation industry.

Meera Joshi, Jamey Barbas, Sarah Kaufman, Veronica Vanterpool, and Midori Valdivia
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Event Recap: The Future of Micromobility in NYC

Shared bicycle and electric scooter services have expanded in cities across the world. Data from tens of millions of trips indicate that shared e-scooters are replacing a large share of short car trips.

The future of micromobility / 06/10/2019