Short Talks, Big Ideas: Open Mic!

We have a fantastic lineup of speakers for Monday's Short Talks, Big Ideas event, but we're ready to crowdsource one more: the last speaker slot on Monday's event is up for grabs, and it could be yours!
If you're interested in presenting, please email me [sarahkaufman /at/ nyu /dot/ edu] with your name, affiliation and a talk title (up to 6 words). Anything goes when it comes to transportation innovation!
Everyone: please vote for your favorite potential talk (poll will be posted on this page Friday morning). Whose voice is missing? What project sounds fascinating?
Ideas must be submitted by Thursday at 5pm; polls will be open on this page Friday 9am - 5pm. The winner will be announced Friday at 5pm and will present in the last slot on Monday evening.
Looking forward to a great event with a speaker list curated by YOU.