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Coronavirus and transportation

Transportation During Coronavirus in NYC

Sarah M. Kaufman, Mitchell L. Moss, Kelsey B. McGuinness, Nicholas R. Cowan, Charles E. Rudner, Olivia Limone, Jenee Malloy, Josh Koh, Katherine Rivard, and Rachel Wise Read more
Skyline of Global Cities

E-Hail Regulation in Global Cities

Meera Joshi, Nicholas Cowan, Olivia Limone, Kelsey McGuinness, Rohan Rao Read more
Narrow walkway between subway train on the right and pillars on the left.

A New Revenue Source for Mass Transit: Legalizing and Taxing Cannabis

Mitchell L Moss, Kelsey B McGuinness, and Rachel G Wise Read more
Delivery man with packages / Image via Unsplash

Online Consumption and Mobility Practices: Crossing Views From Paris and Manhattan

Sarah Kaufman Read more
Pink tax

The Pink Tax on Transportation: Women’s Challenges in Mobility

Sarah Kaufman, Christopher Polack, and Gloria Campbell Read more
subway train

Housing the Next Million New Yorkers Near Transit

Eric Kober Read more
The Benefits and Challenges of Scooter Sharing

The State of Scooter Sharing in United States Cities

Sarah Kaufman and Luke Buttenwieser Read more
NY/NJ tunnel divider

Transportation Challenges of Unbalanced Regional Growth

Eric Kober Read more
Report cover

Uses and Abuses of Value Capture for Transit

Eric Kober Read more
Access-A-Ride Activity by Census Block

Bringing Innovation to Paratransit

Sarah Kaufman, Joanna Simon and Calloway Hope Aboaf Read more
F train breakdown on twitter

How the F Train Breakdown Hit Social Media

Sarah M Kaufman, Joanna Simon Read more
Upper East Side Taxis

Upper East Side Taxis, For-Hire-Vehicles and the Second Avenue Subway

Sarah M. Kaufman, Ari L. Kaputkin Read more
Change in Taxi Pickups, 2016-2017


Sarah Kaufman, and Ari Kaputkin Read more
Subway ridership changes, 1975-2014

Subway Ridership 1975-2015

Mitchell L Moss, Sarah M Kaufman, Sam Levy, Ashley Smith and Jorge Hernandez Read more
Citi Bike and Household Income

Citi Bike: What Current Use and Activity Suggests for the Future of the Program

Sarah M. Kaufman, Jenny O'Connell Read more

Older New Yorkers and Access-A-Ride Forecasts

Sarah M. Kaufman, Ari Kaputkin, Jenny O’Connell and David Marulli Read more
Intelligent Paratransit

Intelligent Paratransit

Sarah Kaufman; Ashley Smith; Jenny O'Connell; Ari Kaputkin Read more

L Train Closure and Mitigation

Mitchell L. Moss, Sarah M. Kaufman, Jorge Hernandez and Sam Levy Read more

Time to Get Moving: Improving commuter and intercity rail facilities and services on Manhattan’s West Side

Mitchell Moss Read more

Downtown Rising: How Brooklyn became a model for urban development

M. Moss Read more
Mobility, Economic Opportunity and New York City Neighborhoods

Mobility, Economic Opportunity and New York City Neighborhoods

Sarah M. Kaufman, Mitchell L. Moss, Jorge Hernandez and Justin Tyndall Read more

Surprise! The World Trade Center Rebuilding Pays Off for the Port Authority – and the Region

Mitchell L. Moss Read more

Manhattan moves, even with the Pope

Mitchell L. Moss, Sam Levy, Jorge Hernandez, Jeff Ferzoco and Sarah M. Kaufman Read more
Citi Bike

Citi Bike: The First Two Years

Sarah M. Kaufman, Lily Gordon-Koven, Nolan Levenson and Mitchell L. Moss Read more