What We're Reading this Week

In case you missed it, the Rudin Center released a new report this week, entitled “Downtown Rising: How Brooklyn became a model for urban development." For the full report, click here.
We've also been busy preparing for our Staten Island Bus Hackathon with the MTA a week from Saturday. For more information about the Hackathon take a look at our announcement post. And, finally, there's a lot of transpo-related news to share this week--here's what we've been reading:

  • Oculus, Centerpiece of Transit Hub and Selfie Magnet, Is Set to Open
  • Why is NYC MIA on the MTA Board?
  • MTA approves $202 million radio and dispatch contract
  • MTA to award additional $66M to Second Avenue subway project
  • One Day,625 Delays
  • This Danish city is so bike-friendly even kindergartners ride to school
  • Uber’s in India to Learn How to Rule the Rest of the World