Transportation & Halloween: A Rudin Center Round-up of the 10 Best Transpo-themed Costumes

New Yorkers’ unparallelled ingenuity is perfectly captured in the elaborate costumes and displays they assembled for Halloween. Because we at the NYU Rudin Center love both Halloween and transportation, we rounded up our favorite transportation-themed costumes:

[gallery ids="4454,4460,4455,4451,4452,4453,4456,4457,4458,4459"]

And no round-up of Transpo-related Halloween costumes would be complete without including these three videos:

Video #1: Subway Lines on Parade (@NY1 on Twitter)

Video #2: The Silver Surfer hits NYC Streets (@PrankvsPrank on Youtube)

And, lastly, this adorable stroller turned bus from a few years back:
Video #3: Stroller Bus (@The Saline Project on Vimeo)