6-t Researche Visits the Rudin Center

The NYU Rudin Center for Transportation hosted Paris-based transportation research firm, 6-t Researche, last Thursday and Friday. The NYU Rudin Center is partnering with 6-t to study the sustainability of consumer practices in both New York City and Paris. In the project, we will analyze the challenges associated with freight and passenger mobility in cities and recommend local policies based on the findings. By comparing findings in both New York and Paris, the group plans to gain a deeper understanding of sustainability among urban residents who commute by public transportation but regularly receive packages from shopping online. 


In the first meeting, 6-t researchers presented survey results from the project’s preliminary phase in Paris. On Friday, 6-t and the Rudin Center exchanged other mobility research findings, noting similarities and differences between our cities. 6-t presented on car sharing trends in France and the Rudin Center shared findings from a forthcoming Paratransit Study.


The NYU Rudin Center looks forward to our continued partnership. Thanks for stopping by!

6-t Visits the Rudin Center