Learning from the Buffalo Blizzard

In the aftermath of Erie County’s deadly winter storm in December 2022, the NYU Rudin Center for Transportation is leading a study on storm preparation, response, and recovery to inform future planning and offer best practices for major cities. The work was requested by Mayor Byron Brown.

Collaborators include Dr. Rae Zimmerman, Director of the Institute for Civil and Infrastructure Systems at the NYU Wagner School; Dr. Kaan Ozbay, Professor and Founding Director of the C2SMART Center; and NYU Wagner alumni who live in Buffalo, including Ashley Smith, Transportation Planner, and Suvi Hynynen Lambson, Researcher.

More about the study is available in this Q&A in NYU News and in this WGRZ interview.

The project team aims to release the study in Spring 2023.

For comments or inquiries, please email: rudin.center@nyu.edu


WGRZ screenshot

Cover and above image: WGRZ