A Glimpse into the Future of Transportation, Brought to You by 2022-2023 Wagner Capstone Teams

Every academic year, teams of NYU Wagner students participate in the Capstone program, the centerpiece of their graduate education where they turn their classroom learning into practice. They collaborate with external clients to produce a mutually beneficial project that allows students to apply their knowledge, and clients to receive support on complex issues. We are happy to highlight some of this year’s transportation related projects:


  1. Oonee

    Oonee, a startup working to prevent bike theft through modular bike parking facilities, engaged with a Capstone team to conduct outreach and develop recommendations to guide expansion efforts. 

  2. New York City Manufacturing and Industrial Innovation Council (MaiiC)

    The Capstone team working with MaiiC analyzed electrification trends for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles and potential disruptions to the workforce with recommendations to offset adverse impacts on workers. 

  3. New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT)

    The Capstone team was asked to improve the accuracy and efficiency of NYC DOT’s predictive model to evaluate worn street markings by refining the criteria used in the model. 

  4. City of Jersey City

    Jersey City has been developing disconnected greenway paths throughout the city, so the Capstone team worked to propose best practices and priority spots for greenway connections to one another, as well as the existing bike lane and parks network. 

  5. Riders Alliance 

    Riders Alliance, a grassroots transit advocacy organization, engaged a Capstone team to investigate methods to reduce the MTA’s capital costs in order to help the client identify initiatives to improve New Yorkers’ public transit experience. 


To learn more about these projects and others, download our 2022-23 Project Summaries Booklet.

The Capstone program is seeking clients for next year - if you're interested in being a potential client, click here: https://wagner.nyu.edu/portal/employers/capstone


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