NYU Rudin Center Hosts National, State Leaders for Key Transportation Events


The NYU Rudin Center for Transportation hosted two significant events to convene transportation leaders and enthusiasts, discussing crucial topics and initiatives on Tuesday, June 27. The first event featured a captivating keynote address by FTA Administrator Nuria Fernandez. During the second event, New York State Governor Kathy Hochul announced federal approval to proceed with implementing congestion pricing.

These events marked important milestones in advancing transportation policies and fostering dialogue within the industry.


Keynote Address by FTA Administrator Nuria Fernandez:

The NYU Rudin Center for Transportation had the distinct honor of hosting FTA Administrator Nuria Fernandez for a thought-provoking keynote address. With sponsorship from HNTB, this event provided attendees with valuable insights into a remarkable leader in the field of transportation. She inspired the audience with insight into her journey, as well as the limitless potential that can be mined with, as she said, "grit, grace and perseverance."


Governor Kathy Hochul's Congestion Pricing Announcement:

Esteemed speakers, including Governor Kathy Hochul, MTA Chairman and CEO Janno Lieber, Congressman Ritchie Torres, United States Representative Dan Goldman, and Riders Alliance Senior Organizer Danna Dennis delivered speeches that shed light on the importance of implementing effective congestion pricing measures. The discussions revolved around finding sustainable solutions to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and enhance transportation efficiency in our cities.


These two events organized by the NYU Rudin Center created a platform for transportation leaders, policymakers, and advocates to come together around pressing issues that impact our cities. By facilitating open dialogue and fostering collaboration, the center aims to drive innovative solutions and shape the future of transportation.


FTA Administrator Nuria Fernandez
Keynote Address by FTA Administrator Nuria Fernandez
Keynote Address by FTA Administrator Nuria Fernandez

Kevin Collins, HNTB, and FTA Administrator Fernandez

Governor Hochul delivers congestion pricing announcement at NYU

Rep Goldman, Sarah Kaufman, Gov Hochul, Congressman Torres, iders Alliance Senior Organizer Danna Dennis, and MTA Chairman and CEO Janno Lieber