Vieillir Dans Quatre Mégapoles: New-York, Londres, Paris et Tokyo

Rodwin, V.G. Read more

Bringing Information Technology to Infrastructure

Zimmerman, R, Gilbertson, N. & Restrepo, C.. Read more

South Bronx Environmental Health and Policy Study, Public Health and Environmental Policy Analysis: Final Report for Phase I

Zimmerman, R., Restrepo, C., Hirschstein, C., Holguín-Veras, J., Lara, J. & Klebenov, D.. Read more

Sustaining Urban Networks: The Social Diffusion of Large Technical Systems

Coutard, O., R. Hanley & Zimmerman, R., eds. Read more

Themes and New Directions

Horan, T.A. & Zimmerman, R. Read more

A Conceptual Framework

Zimmerman, R. & Horan, T.A.. Read more

Telecommunications: Catastrophe and Recovery in the Information City

Moss, M. & Townsend, A. Read more

Decision-Making and the Vulnerability of Critical Infrastructure

Zimmerman, R. Read more

A Comparison of Ground-Level Air Quality Data with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Monitoring Stations Data in South Bronx, New York

Restrepo, C., Zimmerman, R., Thurston, G., Clemente, J., Gorczynski, J., Zhong, M., Blaustin, M. & Chen, L.C. Read more
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