Our students, our faculty, our alumni: united by a passion to create positive change.

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Being a Wagner Student


Student Stories

Get the inside story on NYU Wagner from students who are living the Wagner life.  

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Student Groups

They provide academic enrichment and can be our social circles, our professional networks, our support systems. Which group will you join?

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A Global University and a teeming city—we're part of them, and they're part of us.

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NYU Wagner Faculty

Meet our faculty


As members of the NYU Wagner faculty—scholars, researchers, and practitioners—we act in the real world to make change and bring the complicated and often difficult realities of 21st-century public service to the classroom. We understand that tomorrow's most critical issues will require interdisciplinary approaches and creative solutions. That's why we've chosen NYU Wagner as our home.   

NYU Wagner Alumni

Meet our alumni

HUD, Mount Sinai, Transparency Thailand, the White House, the UN, Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council, Moody’s…the list goes on. NYU Wagner alumni are leading impact efforts around the world and in every sector, making change that matters. But while we're separated by distance, the passion for results that we shared in our classrooms is a connective tissue that still binds us—to one another, and also to the global university community that continues to support us.