Do Housing Choice Voucher Holders Live Near Good Schools

Ingrid Gould Ellen, Amy Ellen Schwartz, and Keren Horn Read more

The Foreclosure Crisis and Community Development: Exploring the Foreclosed Stock in Hard-Hit Neighborhoods

Ingrid Gould Ellen, Josiah Madar, and Max Weselcouch Read more

Environmental and individual factors affecting menu labeling utilization: a qualitative research study

Jennifer Schindler, Kamila Kiszko, Courtney Abrams, Nadia Islam, Brian Elbel Read more

Race and neighborhoods in the 21st century: What does segregation mean today?

De la Roca, Jorge, Ingrid Gould Ellen and Katherine M. O'Regan. Read more

The Color Bind: Talking (and not Talking) about Race at Work

Foldy, Erica Gabrielle and Buckley, Tamara R. Read more

Not Just for Poor Kids: The Impact of Universal Free School Breakfast on Meal Participation and Student Outcomes

Leos-Urbel, J., Schwartz, A. E., Weinstein, M., & Corcoran, S. Read more

Beyond Black: Diversity among Black Immigrant Students in New York City Public Schools

Doucet, F., Schwartz, A. E., & Debraggio, E. Read more

Learning in Place: Immigrant Spatial and Temporal Strategies for Occupational Advancement

Iskander, N., C. Riordan, & N. Lowe. Read more

Disparities in Service Quality Among Insured Adult Patients Seen in Physicians’ Offices

Dan Ly, Sherry Glied Read more

Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities: The Action Plan from the Department of Health and Human Services

Howard K. Koh, Garth Graham and Sherry Glied Read more
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