The Redevelopment of Lower Manhattan: The Role of the City

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The New York Transportation Journal

Sander, E.G., Publisher & de Cerreño, A.L.C, Sterman, B.P., (eds). Read more

Leadership Development for Global Health

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Growing Older in World Cities: New York, Paris, London and Tokyo

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The Relevance and Feasibility of Land Value Taxation in the Rich Countries

Netzer, D. (editor). Read more

Commentary on Land Use Regulation as a Fiscal Tool

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Public Infrastructure, Private Input Demand and Economic Performance in New England Manufacturing

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Valuation of Physician and Ambulatory Care Practices

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Financial Management for Nurse Managers and Executives

Finkler, S.A. & Kovner, C.T. Read more

Where Youth Live: Effects of Urban Space on Employment

O'Regan, K. & Quigley, J.M. Read more
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