Composing Your Career

Composing Your Career is a framework intended for those who are dedicated to public service, but are still curious about how to do it. We invite you to explore the resources and videos below, and we wish you luck as you Compose Your Career.

Getting Started

The Tracks Exercise

Many of us know that we are committed to a career in public service, but figuring out what that means can be challenging. You'll want to start this process with some serious exploration, and the Tracks Exercise is a helpful way to get there.

Delve Deeper

What Employers Look F.O.R.

Field. Organization. Role.

All employers, whether they know it or not, make hiring decisions based on the same three criteria. They want to know you're dedicated to their field of interest, that you can work within the culture of their organization, and that you can successfully perform in the role.

Delve Deeper

The S.E.E. Strategies

Smart. Experienced. Engaged.

The S.E.E. strategies combine what you're looking for with what employers are looking for so that you're better poised for a successful career by maximizing your time while in school. You want to be smart, experienced, and engaged.

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