Bachelor's-Master's Program Portal

Bachelor's-Master's eligibility requirements


Credit Requirement

Through our Bachelor's-Master's program, eligible students can complete as many as 21 of the 45 credits (7 courses) required for the MPA or MUP. Graduate credits that students earn as undergraduates may also apply towards the 128 total credits they need for the Bachelor’s degree.

Overlapping credits may come from a combination of Wagner graduate and undergraduate courses, or their undergraduate equivalents. After earning the Bachelor’s degree, and pending admission to Wagner, students in this program complete the remainder of their MPA or MUP credits in generally one to two years of additional study.


For students to complete an MPA or MUP one year after earning their undergraduate degree, they need to complete all the Capstone prerequisites for their specialization before matriculating into Wagner as a graduate student.

Students can find Capstone prerequisites in their intended specialization Program Requirement Checksheet.

Graduate Course Enrollment 

Graduate coursework in Wagner is under controlled enrollment and undergraduate students are not able to register for graduate courses on Albert. To register for graduate courses in Wagner, please email In your email, please include:

  • your name
  • your admitted Bachelor's-MPA status
  • your N#
  • the course number, course title, and 4- or 5-digit class number of the course(s) that you are requesting
  • your registration appointment time (when applicable, in future terms)

Grade Requirement

Credit taken as an undergraduate student toward the graduate is not given for courses completed with a grade of less than B+, or for courses taken on a pass/fail basis. 

CAS Residency

CAS students are allowed to take 16 credits in non-liberal arts courses in the other schools of the University; any Wagner courses taken toward the minors count against those 16 credits. Students with a good academic reason for going over the 16-point limit must petition the Office of Academic Standards (Silver 909, 212.998.8140) for permission to take additional credits outside of the College.

In addition, no Wagner courses can count toward the 64 credits that internal or external transfer students to the College are required to complete in CAS (-UA) courses


Student Organizations

Bachelor’s-Master’s candidates are encouraged to participate in Wagner Student Organizations overseen by the Wagner Student Association for graduate students.

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