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Bachelor's-Master's eligibility requirements


Credit Requirement

Through our Bachelor's-Master's track, you can complete up to 21 of the required 45 credits (7 courses) for the MPA or MUP. Wagner graduate credits that you earn as an undergraduate may also apply towards the 128 total credits needed for the Bachelor’s degree.

Overlapping credits may come from a combination of Wagner graduate courses and their undergraduate equivalents. After earning the Bachelor’s degree, and pending admission to Wagner, you can complete the remainder of your MPA or MUP credits in generally one to two years of additional study.

Grade Requirement

Credit taken as an undergraduate student toward the graduate degree cannot be awarded for courses completed with a grade of less than B, or for courses taken on a pass/fail basis.


When applying to the MPA or MUP, you will need to choose a specialization within your intended degree program. It also benefits you to seek work, volunteer, and leadership experience related to your intended specialization to support your graduate application.

MPA in Public & Nonprofit Management & Policy Specializations

MPA in Health Policy & Management Specializations

Masters of Urban Planning Specializations

MPA or MUP Sequencing to Graduate in 1 Year

In order to complete an MPA or MUP degree one year after earning your undergraduate degree, you need to complete all the Capstone prerequisites for your specialization before matriculating into Wagner as a graduate student. Capstone is a year-long team consulting project that starts in the fall and ends in the spring, and is the culminating experience for the MPA and MUP degrees at Wagner.

Capstone Prerequisites for MPA-PNP Degree:

In order to finish the MPA-PNP degree in one full-time year, you must complete all the degree core or approved undergraduate course equivalents, as well as two of the three specialization requirements for your intended specialization.

Capstone Prerequisites for MPA-Health Degree:

In order to finish the MPA-Health degree, you must complete all the degree core or approved undergraduate course equivalents, as well as HPAM-GP 4830 Health Economics: Principles and either HPAM-GP 1830 Intro to Health Management & Policy or HPAM-GP 2836 Current Issues in Health Policy. The specializations in International Health and Health Services Management each require an additional 3 credit course prior to the start of capstone.

Capstone Prerequisites for MUP Degree:

In order to finish the MUP degree in one full-time year, you must complete CORE-GP 1011 Statistics and CORE-GP 1018 Microeconomics or approved undergraduate course equivalents, as well as all required URPL-GP courses (and the two PADM-GP courses for International Development Planning students). You should delay taking CORE-GP 1020 Management and Leadership and CORE-GP 1021 Financial Management as an undergraduate student, and should instead plan to take one of the two in the summer before matriculating into Wagner. The remaining course can be taken concurrently with capstone.

You also can find  all requirements for each degree and specialization in the corresponding Program Requirement Checksheet.

Please note: you can still apply to Wagner via the Bach-Mast track without completing all the capstone prerequisites during undergraduate. With any less, you will need to extend your time at Wagner an additional year. Since our graduate tuition is calculated per credit, this does NOT double the amount of tuition. See our tuition and fees table for more information.

Graduate Course Enrollment 

Graduate coursework in Wagner is under controlled enrollment and undergraduate students are not able to register for graduate courses in Albert. To register for graduate courses in Wagner, Bach-Mast Graduate Course Enrollment Form. Please note that some MPA-PNP (PADM-GP), MPA-Health (HPAM-GP), and MUP (URPL-GP) courses may be included in Wagner's Weighted Lottery.

CAS Residency

CAS students are allowed to take 16 credits in non-liberal arts courses in the other schools of the University; any Wagner courses taken toward the MPA or MUP count against those 16 credits. If you expect to go over the 16 credit limit, you will need to consult with your CAS advisor.

In addition, no Wagner courses can count toward the 64 credits that internal or external transfer students to the College are required to complete in CAS (-UA) courses.


Student Organizations

As a student on the Bachelor’s-Master’s track, you are encouraged to participate in Wagner Student Organizations overseen by the Wagner Student Association for graduate students.

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