Where, When, Why, and For Whom Do Residential Contexts Matter? Moving Away from the Dichotomous Understanding of Neighborhood Effects

Sharkey, P., and J. Faber Read more

The Effect of Local Violence on Children’s Attention and Impulse Control

Sharkey, P., N. Strayer, A. Papachristos, and C. Raver Read more

Converging Evidence for Neighborhood Effects on Children’s Test Scores: An Experimental, Quasi-Experimental, and Observational Comparison

Burdick-Will, J., J. Ludwig, S. Raudenbush, R. Sampson, L. Sanbonmatsu, and P. Sharkey Read more

Durable Effects of Concentrated Disadvantage on Verbal Ability among African-American Children

Sampson, R.J., P. Sharkey, and S. Raudenbush Read more

Feasibility of implementing rapid oral fluid HIV testing in an urban university dental clinic: a qualitative study

Hutchinson, M.K., N. Van Devanter, J. Phelan, D. Malamud, A. Vernillo, J. Combellick, and D. Shelley Read more

The Child Care Development Block Grant and the Child Care Development Fund

Hawkins, R. L. Read more

Non-academic factors associated with dropping out of high school: Adolescent problem behaviors

Hawkins, R. L., Jaccard, J., & Needle, E. Read more

Using cross-curricular, problem-based learning to promote understanding of poverty in urban communities

Gardner, D., Tuchman, E., & Hawkins, R. Read more

A Water Availability Intervention in NYC Public Schools: Influence on Youth Water and Milk Behaviors.

Elbel B, Mijanovich T, Abrams C, Cantor J, Dunn L, Nonas C, Cappola K, Onufrak S, Park S. Read more

Partisan Priorities: How Issue Ownership Drives and Distorts American Politics

Egan, Patrick J. Read more
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