Opening the Market for Lower Cost Hearing Aids: Regulatory Change Can Improve the Health of Older Americans.

Blustein J and Weinstein BE Read more

Variation in Payment Rates under Medicare’s Inpatient Prospective Payment System

Krinsky S, Ryan AM, Mijanovich T, Blustein J Read more

Determining Chronic Disease Prevalence in Local Populations Using Emergency Department Surveillance.

Lee DC, Long JA, Wall SP, Braithwaite RS, Elbel B. Read more

Five Years Later: Awareness of New York City’s Calorie Labels Decline with No Changes in Calories Purchased.

Cantor J, Torres A, Abrams C, Elbel B. Read more

Telephone Smoking Cessation Counseling for Smokers in Mental Health Clinics: a Patient-Randomized Controlled Trial.

Rogers E, Smelson D, Gillespie C, Elbel B, Poole S, Hagedorn H, Kalman D, Krebs P, Fang Y, Wang B, Sherman SE. Read more

Estimating the Effect of a School-Based Water Intervention in NYC on Child BMI and Obesity.

Schwartz AE, Leardo M, Aneja S, Elbel B. Read more

The CBO’s Crystal Ball: How Well Did It Forecast the Effects of the Affordable Care Act?

Sherry A. Glied, Anupama Arora, Claudia Solis-Roman Read more

Participation in the Wake of Adversity: Blame Attribution and Policy-Oriented Evaluations

Levin, Ines and J. Andrew Sinclair and R. Michael Alvarez Read more

A comparative analysis of hospital readmissions in France and the US

Gusmano, MK, Rodwin, VG, Weisz, D, Cottenet, J, and Quantin, C. Read more

Housing, Neighborhoods, and Children’s Health

Ingrid Gould Ellen and Sherry Glied Read more
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