The Health Policy and Management (HPAM) gap - from diagnosis to prescription: a response to recent commentaries

Chinitz, DP. and Rodwin, VG. Read more

Assessment of a government-subsidized supermarket in a high-need area on household food availability and children's dietary intakes.

Elbel B, Moran A, Dixon LB, Kiszko K, Cantor J, Abrams C, Mijanovich T. Read more

Vital Signs: Core Metrics for Health and Health Care Progress

David Blumenthal, Elizabeth Malphrus, and J. Michael McGinnis (Eds.) Read more

The Top Ten Global Health Supply Chain Issues: Perspectives from the Field

Privett, N. and D. Gonsalves Read more

In Knickman and Kovner (eds.) 2015. Health Care Delivery in the United States,

Gusmano, MK. and Rodwin, VG. Comparative Health Systems. Read more

Power and Priorities: The Growing Pains of Global Health; Comment on “Knowledge, Moral Claims and the Exercise of Power in Global Health”

Karen A. Grépin Read more

Shanghai rising: health improvements as measured by avoidable mortality since 2000

Gusmano, MK., Rodwin, VG. Wang C., Weisz D., Luo L., and Hua F. Read more

A review of pharmacological interactions between HIV or hepatitis C virus medications and opioid agonist therapy: implications and management for clinical practice

Bruce, R.D., D.E. Moody, F.L. Altice, M.N. Gourevitch, and G.H. Friedland Read more

How Patients Understand the Term “Nonmedical Use” of Prescription Drugs: Insights from Cognitive Interviews

McNeely, J., P.N. Halkitis,A. Horton, R. Khan, and M.N. Gourevitch Read more

Population Health and the Academic Medical Center: The Time Is Right

Gourevitch, M.N. Read more
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