The Role of Strategic Attention Deployment in Development of Self-Regulation: Predicting Preschoolers' Delay of Gratification from Mother-Toddler Interactions.

Sethi, A., Mischel, W., Aber, J.L., Shoda, Y. & Rodriguez, M.L. Read more

Stability and Change in Mothers' Representations of Their Relationship with Their Toddlers

Aber, J.L., Belsky, J., Slade, A. & Crnic, K. Read more

Mother’s Representations of Their Toddlers: Links to Adult Attachment and Observed Mothering

Slade, A., Belsky, J., Aber, J.L. & Phelps, J. Read more

The Risk and Protective Function of Perceived Family and Peer Microsystems Among Urban Adolescents in Poverty

Seidman, E., Chesir-Terna, D., Friedman, J.L., Yoshikawa, H., Allen, L.A., Roberts, A. & Aber, J.L. Read more

Training Psychiatrists for Public Sector Care: A Survey of Residency Directors on Current Priorities and Preparation

Yedidia, M.J., Gillespie, C.C. & Berstein, C.A. Read more

Reconsidering Risk: Biosocial Interactions and their Implications for Health Policy: The Case of Low Birth Weight.

Strully, K. & Conley, D. Read more

The Organization of Schooling and Adolescent Development

Seidman, E., Aber, J.L. & French, S.E. Read more

The Resolving Conflict Creatively Program: A School-Based Social and Emotional Learning Program

Brown, J.L., Roderick, T., Lantieri, L. & Aber, J.L. Read more

Neighborhoods and Schools: Contexts and Consequences for the Mental Health and Risk Behaviors of Children and Youth

Gershoff, E.T. & Aber, J.L. Read more

Estimating the Effects of September 11th and Other Forms of Violence on the Mental Health and Social Development of New York City’s Youth: A Matter of Context

Aber, J.L., E. Gershoff, A. Ware & J. Kotler. Read more
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