Welfare Caseload Change: An Alternative Approach

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Welfare Reform in Wisconsin: The Local Role

Mead, L. Read more

Implementing Work Requirements in Wisconsin

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Caseload Change: An Exploratory Study

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The Twilight of Liberal Welfare Reform

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From Prophecy to Charity: How to Help the Poor

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Welfare Reform and Political Theory

Mead, L., and C. Beem Read more

Lifting Up the Poor: A Dialogue on Religion, Poverty, and Welfare Reform

Bane, M.J., and L. Mead Read more

Stuck in Place: Urban Neighborhoods and the End of Progress toward Racial Equality

Sharkey, P. Read more

Pathways to Work for Low Income Workers: The Effect of Work in the Temporary Help Industry

Lane, J., K. Mikelson, P. Sharkey, and D. Wissoker Read more
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