Do Tax Credits Stimulate R&D Spending? The Effect of the R&D Tax Credit in its First Decade

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Taxes and U.S. Oil Production: Evidence From California and the Windfall Profit Tax

Nirupama S. Rao Read more

A Consequence of Exempting the Third Sector: Do Homeowners Pay More Property Taxes?

Calabrese, T., Carroll, D. Read more

Budget Slack, Institutions, and Transparency.

Rose, Shanna and Daniel L. Smith. Read more

Race, Gender and the Recession: Job Creation and Employment

C. Nicole Mason, Ph.D Read more

Siting, Spillovers, and Segregation: A Re-examination of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program

Ingrid Ellen, Katherine O'Regan, Ioan Voicu Read more

The Neighborhood Effects of Concentrated Foreclosures

Ellen, I.G., Schuetz, J. & Been, V. Read more

Reform Options for the Estate Tax System: Targeting Unearned Income

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Taxing Privilege More Effectively: Replacing the Estate Tax with an Inheritance Tax

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Measuring Equity and Adequacy in School Finance

Downes, T. & Stiefel, L. Read more
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