How Patients Understand the Term “Nonmedical Use” of Prescription Drugs: Insights from Cognitive Interviews

McNeely, J., P.N. Halkitis,A. Horton, R. Khan, and M.N. Gourevitch Read more

Syndemic Vulnerability, Sexual and Injection Risk Behaviors, and HIV Continuum of Care Outcomes in HIV-Positive Injection Drug Users

Mizuno, Y., D.W. Purcell, A.R. Knowlton, J.D. Wilkinson, M.N. Gourevitch, and K.R. Knight Read more

DNA content in the diagnostic biopsy for benign-adjacent and cancer-tissue areas predicts the need for treatment in men with T1c prostate cancer undergoing surveillance in an expectant management programme

Isharwal, S., D.V. Makarov, H.B. Carter,J.I. Epstein, A.W. Partin, P. Landis, C. Marlow, and R.W. Veltri Read more

Significance of preoperative PSA velocity in men with low serum PSA and normal DRE

Makarov, D.V., S. Loeb, A. Magheli, K. Zhao, E. Humphreys, M.L. Gonzalgo, A.W. Partin, and M. Han Read more

The Cost Implications of Prostate Cancer Screening in the Medicare Population

Ma, X., R. Wang, J.B. Long, J.S. Ross, P.R. Soulos, J.B. Yu, D.V. Makarov, H.T. Gold, and C.P. Gross Read more

Preventing Early Readmissions

Chokshi, D., and J.E. Chang Read more

Rethinking Global Access to Vaccines

Chokshi, D., and A.S. Kesselheim Read more

Closing the Access Gap for Health Innovations: an Open Licensing Proposal for Universities

Chaifetz, S., D. Chokshi, R. Rajkumar, D. Scales, and Y. Benkler Read more

Valid Consent for Genomic Epidemiology in Developing Countries

Chokshi, D., M.A. Thera, M. Parker, M. Diakite, J. Makani, D.P. Kwiatkowski, and O.K. Doumbo Read more

Leveraging University Research to Advance Global Health

Chokshi, D., and R. Rajkumar Read more
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