Financial Management for Public, Health, and Not-for-Profit Organizations

Finkler, S.A. Read more

Financing Pro-poor Governance in Africa

Smoke, P. Read more

From Humanitarian Assistance to Human Development

Rodriguez-Garcia, R., Macinko, J. & Casas, J. (Eds.) Read more

Anti-Democratic Demos: Public Ignorance & Congress

Kersh, R. Read more

State Autonomy & Civil Society: The Lobbyist Connection

Kersh, R. Read more

Rethinking Periodization? APD & the Macro-History of the United States

Kersh, R. Read more

Civic Engagement & National Belonging

Kersh, R. Read more

The Well-Informed Lobbyist: Information and Interest-Group Lobbying

Kersh, R. Read more

Social Programs and Household Size: Evidence from New York

Ellen, I.G. & O'Flaherty, B. Read more

The Tides of Reform Revisited: Making Government Word, 1945-2002

Light, P.C. Read more
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