Mortgage Foreclosures and the Changing Mix of Crime in Micro-neighborhoods

Johanna Lacoe and Ingrid Gould Ellen Read more

Walking, Obesity and Urban Design in Chinese Neighborhoods

Alfonzo, M., Z. Guo, L. Lin, and K. Day Read more

Major Expansion of Primary Care in Brazil Linked to Decline in Unnecessary Hospitalization

Macinko, J., I. Dourado, R. Aquino, et al Read more

Where, When, Why, and For Whom Do Residential Contexts Matter? Moving Away from the Dichotomous Understanding of Neighborhood Effects

Sharkey, P., and J. Faber Read more

Residential Mobility and the Reproduction of Unequal Neighborhoods

Sharkey, P. Read more

Evaluation of Continuums of Care For Homeless People

Burt, M., D. Pollack, A. Sosland, K. Mikelson, E. Drapa, K. Greenwalt, and P. Sharkey Read more

Unravelling social capital: Disentangling a concept for Social Work

Hawkins, R. L. & Maurer, K. Read more

“You fix my community, you have fixed my life”: The disruption and rebuilding of ontological security in New Orleans

Hawkins, R. L. & Maurer, K. Read more

A Guide to NYC Affordable Housing Programs

Sarah Gerecke and Matthew Murphy Read more

Profile of Rent-Stabilized Units and Tenants in New York City

NYU Furman Center Read more
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