The Impact of Medicaid Managed Care on Primary Care Physician Participation in Medicaid

Greene, J., Blustein, J. & Remler, D. Read more

The Role of Faith-Based Institutions in Providing Health Education and Promoting Equal Access to Care: A Case Study of an Initiative in the Southwest Bronx

Kaplan S.A., Calman, N.S., Golub M., Davis J.H. & Billings, J. Read more

Multiple Pathways to Community-Level Impacts in HIV Prevention: Implications for Conceptualization, Implementation, and Evaluation of Interventions

Yoshikawa, H., Wilson, P.A., Peterson, J. L. & Shinn, M. Read more

The Role of the Real City in Cyberspace: Understanding Regional Variations in Internet Accessibility and Utilization

Moss, M. & Townsend, A. Read more

Growing Older in World Cities: New York, Paris, London and Tokyo

VG. Rodwin Read more

Local Property Taxation in Theory and Practice: Some Reflections

Netzer, D. Read more

Public Characteristics and Expenditures on Public Service: An Empirical Analysis

Schwartz, A.E. Read more

Federal Housing Policy and the Rise of Nonprofit Providers

O'Regan, K. & Quigley, J.M. Read more

Fiscal Decentralization in Indonesia: A New Approach to an Old Idea

Smoke, P. & Lewis, B. Read more

Making Progress in Relating Values, Goals, and Outcomes in the Evaluation of Local Economic Development Policy

Smoke, P. Read more
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