Improving Infrastructure Finance Through Grant-Loan Linkages

Smoke, P. Read more

Does Neighborhood Matter? Assessing Recent Evidence

Ellen, I.G. & Turner, M. Read more

Race-Based Neighborhood Projection: A Proposed Framework for Understanding New Data on Racial Integration

Ellen, I.G. Read more

Homeless Families are Different

Shinn, M. & Weitzman, B.C. Read more


Shinn, M., Weitzman, B.C. & Hopper, K. Read more

Predictors of Homelessness from Shelter Request to Housing Stability Among Families in New York City

Shinn, M., Weitzman, B.C., Stojanovic, D., Knickman, J.R., Jimenez, L., Duchon, L., James, S. & Krantz, D.H. Read more

Tracing the Path Out of Homelessness: The Housing Patterns of Families After Exiting Shelter

Stojanovic, D., Weitzman, B.C., Shinn, M., Labay, L.E. & Willams, N.P. Read more

Acculturation and Depression Among Latina Urban Girls

Allen, L., Denner, J., Yoshikawa, H., Seidman, E. & Aber, J.L. Read more

Risk and Insurance in Transition: Perspectives from Zouping County, China

Morduch, J. & Sicular, T. Read more

Politics, Growth, and Inequality in Rural China: Does it Pay to Join the Party?

Morduch, J. & Sicular, T. Read more
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