Sustainable neighbourhood development: Insights from Southern California

Garde, A., Saphores, J.D., Matthew, R. & K. Day. Read more

Race, Gender and the Recession: Job Creation and Employment

C. Nicole Mason, Ph.D Read more

Comment on ‘The Mediocrity of Government Subsidies to Mixed-Income Housing Projects’

Ellen, Ingrid, Gregory Ingram and Yu-Hung Hong Read more

Economics of Housing Market Segmentation

Ingrid Ellen Read more

American Murder Revisited: Do Housing Vouchers Cause Crime?

Ellen, Ingrid, Katherine O’Regan and Michael C. Lens Read more

Why Do Higher Income Households Move Into Low Income Neighborhoods: Pioneering or Thrift?

Ellen, Ingrid, Katherine O’Regan and Keren Horn Read more

Do Foreclosures Cause Crime?

Ellen, Ingrid, Johanna Lacoe and Claudia Sharygin Read more

Does Losing Your Home Mean Losing Your School? Effects of Foreclosure on the School Mobility of Children

Bean, Vicky, Ingrid Ellen, Amy Ellen Schwartz, Leanna Stiefel and Meryle Weinstein Read more

How to House the Homeless

Ellen, I.G. & O'Flaherty, B. (eds.). Read more

Siting, Spillovers, and Segregation: A Re-examination of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program

Ingrid Ellen, Katherine O'Regan, Ioan Voicu Read more

Assets, Agency, and Engagement in Community Driven Development: The Case of a Moroccan Community

Iskander, N. & Bentaleb N. Read more

Robert Moses and the Modern City: The Transformation of New York

Ballon, H. & Jackson, K.T. eds. Read more
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