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Wagner Student Wins Helbein Scholarship

Wagner Student Wins Helbein Scholarship

Wagner MPA candidate Michelle Portlock was one of seven NYU students to be awarded a prestigious Helbein Scholarship for the 2003-04 academic year.

Wagner Student Wins NAPA Scholarship

Wagner Student Wins NAPA Scholarship

NYU Wagner's Jasmine R. Vallejo is the recipient of a 2003 Herbert Roback Scholarship, an award given annually to two outstanding graduate students pursuing a Master�s Degree in public administration, public and international affairs or political science at a New York or Washington area school. The National Academy of Public Administration is a non-profit organization chartered by Congress to give expert advice and analysis to government leaders on issues of governance and management.

Wagner Students and Organizations Win Six President's Service Awards

Wagner Students and Organizations Win Six President's Service Awards

In a highly impressive showing, Wagner students and organizations have won six New York University President's Service Awards. The awards recognize distinguished achievements in the promotion of learning, leadership and quality of student life at NYU in 2007.

The individual Wagner winners are: Thalia Theodore; Sean Thomas-Breitfeld; and Gabriel Verdaguer.

In addition, a host of Wagner student organizations are being recognized. The Wagner Students of African Descent Alliance (SADA) and the Alliance of Latino and Latin American Students (ALAS) have won one President�s Service Award for work together. The Wagner Health Network (WHN) and NYU Public Health Alliance (NYUPHA) also have garnered one award for work together. An award is also going to the Wagner Student Association.

NYU President John Sexton will announce all the 2007 President�s Service Awards winners - including undergraduate, graduate and professional students as well as student organizations � on Tuesday, April 17. Ceremony and reception are by invitation only. For more information, click here.

Wagner Students Capture $50,000 Prize in Entrepreneurs Challenge

Wagner Students Capture $50,000 Prize in Entrepreneurs Challenge

Three NYU Wagner students won the $50,000 Social Venture Prize in the 2012-13 Entrepreneurs Challenge held at NYU Stern. Their winning idea, called Kinvolved, is a digital app that aims to reduce truancy by providing real-time data on classroom attendance to teachers, families, and students.

Kinvolved is the brainchild of Miriam Altman (MPA ’13), Alexandra Meis (MPA ’13), and Barrie Charney Golden (MBA/MPA ’14). Since December 2012, the Kinvolved program has been piloted in a public elementary school in Harlem. The Kinvolved team is now working on sales and distribution for the 2013-14 school year.

The Entrepreneurs Challenge, a university-wide competition held by Stern’s Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, selected four winning teams in all, composed of students, alumni, and faculty from seven different NYU schools. These most promising innovators were chosen after pitching their ideas and enduring a rigorous Q&A by judges from the venture capital, technology, design, and social enterprise sectors.

Wagner students receive six 2007 President's Service Awards

Wagner students receive six 2007 President's Service Awards

On Tuesday, Apr. 17, 2007, NYU President John Sexton recognized students who have had an "extraordinary and positive impact" on the New York University community. At a spirited ceremony attended by Dean Ellen Schall, Wagner students were accorded an impressive total of six awards. The recipients, nominated by students, faculty and staff, include:

Sean Thomas-Breitfeld

For his strong leadership in Queers in Public Service and the Wagner Policy Alliance, for his role in two outstanding events this year "Beyond Marriage: Towards a New Policy Agenda for the LGBT Movement" and "Development or Gentrification" and for being an outstanding Wagner citizen all around who is always willing to step up and contribute to making the school community stronger.

Wagner Health Network and NYU Public Health Alliance:

Nyisha Hohn, Shannon Kostrowski, and Sarah Dannan

For raising the level of graduate student engagement through developing outstanding programs, networks, and community-building activities and for investing their time and energy into making Wagner�s health programs stronger and creating a more well-rounded education for all health students.

Gabriel Verdaguer

For his deep understanding of the importance of community; his omnipresence and supportive participation in many events and discussions; and his quiet leadership in multiple facets of the Wagner School.

Thalia Theodore

For her vision, leadership, dedication, and service in developing the Black History Month event "Lifting As We Climb: Discovering The Power of Emerging Black Leadership" in partnership with students at NYU School of Law, the Stern School of Business, and NYU Medical School.

Students of African Descent Alliance and Alliance of Latino and Latin American Students:

Tonya Plear, Thalia Theodore, and Jenny Vazquez-Akim

For exemplifying leadership, community development and the encouragement of diversity through innovative programming, outreach to Wagner administrators and partnerships with the larger NYU and New York City community.

Wagner Student Association:

John Medina, President and J-P Anderson, Ombudsperson

For their responsible, organized, and conscientious approach to providing leadership for the whole student body at Wagner, for their work on developing a code of professional conduct for Wagner students, and for their effective and productive communication of issues of concern both to and from students.

Wagner Students' Policy Proposal Wins $5,000 in National Fels Public Policy Challenge

Wagner Students' Policy Proposal Wins $5,000 in National Fels Public Policy Challenge

CluedIn at Convention Center.

A new website that will offer comprehensive information about after-school programs to New York City families has garnered national recognition, as have its inventors -- NYU Wagner students Christine Han, Anna Swanby, and Rachel Szala.

The team rose to become one of the top four finalists at the National Invitational Fels Public Policy Challenge, held at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia on March 17, and received $5,000 for the development of its innovative tech platform, “CluedIn.” Nine teams in all competed for the finalist spots and the grand prize.

This was the second year the Fels Institute of Government at the University of Pennsylvania invited graduate schools across the country to participate in its public policy challenge. In the inaugural opportunity last year, a Wagner student team, Kinvolved, took first prize with an app that enables teachers to communicate readily with parents when a student is absent or late, and tracks causes and trends. Kinvolved has emerged as a for-profit corporation dedicated to improving attendance, particularly among disadvantaged youth. It piloted its app at two city high schools last summer.

In this year’s challenge, CluedIn turned judges' heads with a proposal that responds to the positive correlation between after-school programming and academic improvement —and to the difficulty many parents experience when trying to access New York City’s substantial after-school educational resources. The CluedIn website will provide basic information to parents about the available services, a message board allowing users to pose questions to providers, and snapshots of the market for after-school programming, potentially useful to policy makers, funders, and program developers.

In addition to the Wagner student team, the other finalists heralded by the judges hailed from the School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Georgia, the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago, and the Fels Institute of Government at UPenn, whose "re:Mind” team won the top prize of $10,000 for its plan for an appointment reminder system for mental health patients to decrease preventable re-hospitalizations.

Wagner’s CluedIn team received support from Professors Shankar Prasad, John Gershman, Will Carlin, and David Schachter, the assistant dean for student affairs. Judges who heard the policy proposals in the Constitution Center – where President Obama delivered his famous speech on race in 2008 – commented positively about the Wagner students’ presentation, with several of them saying that they could hardly believe that so useful and promising an idea had not, until now, been rolled out. One judge even offered to give Han, Swanby, and Szala a personal introduction to leaders at the New York City Department of Education.

Without question, the Wagner team has done us all proud. Congratulations!

Wagner Student’s Op-eds Highlighted in South Korean Media

Wagner Student’s Op-eds Highlighted in South Korean Media

Op-eds written by NYU Wagner student Jason (Young-jin) Lim have been featured in the New York Times, New York Daily News, and Boston Globe in recent months. He has written about relations between the North and South Korea, as well the recent riots in France. Now Lim himself has become the subject of a newspaper column. On December 3rd, a leading South Korean newspaper, Dong-A Ilbo, featured a story about Lim and his writing.

Wagner visiting professors Ford and Manji named among "Top 25" centrist voices in US

Wagner visiting professors Ford and Manji named among "Top 25" centrist voices in US

Irshad Manji and Harold Ford, each of whom teaches at the Robert F. Wagner Graduate of Public Service at NYU, rank among the top 25 "most influential voices of the American center," according to the online magazine The Daily Beast.

Manji, director of the Moral Courage Project at New York University and visiting scholar, and Ford, distinguished practitioner in residence and former congressman, are part of what the April 1, 2010, salute describes as a "powerful backlash brewing - a movement of voices from the vital center who are declaring their independence from play-to-the-base politics."

"The independent thinker doesn't belong to a camp," Manji has written. "She belongs to her conscience."


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