Computer Support FAQ

1. What software is supported by Wagner IT, and how do I acquire it?

For a complete list of university software offerings, click here. Note that some software is provided by NYU IT.

Wagner IT will purchase software licenses unless there is an applicable grant/fund with which to cover the cost.

2. Where can I download NYU's VPN client? 

Users should navigate to this knowledge base article for instructions on setting up VPN access. You will need to be logged into VPN to access some resources remotely (e.g. the L: Drive).

3. How do I gain access to the Shared (L) Drive? 

"L" Drive access is granted by the NYU IT. Your supervisor must send a request to with your net ID  and identify the directories you need access to. Afterwards, you can map the "L" drive to your computer using the instructions below.


  • Open up “This PC” or “My Computer”
  • Find and click “Map Network Drive” at the top
  • Set the “Drive” letter to L: and make sure “Reconnect at sign-in” is checked.
  • In the “Folder” field, enter: \\\data\WGS01NFPDATA01\Data 
  • If you are prompted to enter your NYU credentials, enter your NetID and password.These should be saved so that L: Drive access does not expire.
  • Finish the setup and test access.

Mac OS

  • Open "Finder"
  • In the taskbar, select Go > Connect To
  • In this case, the server name is:
  • If prompted, enter your NYU net ID and password. 
  • Finish the setup and test access.

4. My computer is running more slowly than usual. What can I do?

  • Restart your computer.  

  • Refrain from having a large amount of tabs open in your web browser.

  • Close any applications that are not being used.

  • Make sure the service you are using isn't experiencing issues.

5. How do I connect to the Wi-Fi?

  • NYU affiliated users can connect to the "nyu" or "nyu-legacy" wireless networks and authenticate using their net ID and password. All other users and university guests should connect to "nyuguest" or "nyuguest-legacy". Guest network credentials can be found at the front desk or lobby display.

6. How do I get a computer for a new employee?

  • All computer requests are made during the onboarding process with HR, based on the standard configurations. Please note that new employees do not automatically receive a new computer. We have a target replacement cycle for computer equipment.

7. How do I access NYU Box?

  • All faculty and full-time staff have accounts on NYU Box.  If you need to gain access for student workers or temporary employees, supervisors may sponsor an account by emailing

8. Can you set up a guest’s computer for my event?

  • All requests for technical support of events are made through the Office of External Affairs, and they alert us when IT assistance is required. 

9. The printer I use is out of toner. What do I do?

  • Printers in private offices: Faculty should contact their support staff for help with ordering new toner, and staff may contact their department head.
  • Shared printers: Email
  • Copiers: Toner used for printing and making copies is provided by the Wagner Facilites Team. Email

10. I have other questions that aren't answered here! Who should I contact for help?

For IT support, please contact the appropriate alias below. Please refrain from emailing support related tickets directly to IT staff members.

Software/Hardware Support -

Database/Website Support -

Non Wagner specific queries -