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Schedule an admissions consultation (via Zoom or phone). Get answers to your questions about NYU Wagner's degree programs and admissions process.

Admissions Consultation Appointments

NOTE: The appointment times listed below are Eastern Time (New York). Please ensure you correct any variation in your Google Calendar setting based on time zone.

Darlene, Admissions requirements, application materials, and program information advising, Wednesdays and Thursdays (via phone or Zoom) Sign up

Kristy, financial aid, bring your own budget (BYOB) or general advising, Monday afternoons from 1-2 pm ET and Tuesday afternoons from 2-3 pm ET (via phone or Zoom) Sign up

Sarah, Admissions requirements, application materials, and program information advising via phone or Zoom Sign up

Fortuna, Monday and Tuesday afternoons from 3-4 pm ET (via phone or Zoom)  Sign up

Online MHA Admissions Consultation Appointments

Contact to request an appointment. 

Learn more about NYU Wagner and our top-ranked degree programs from our faculty, alumni, staff, and current students. 

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Experience NYU Wagner’s academic life by visiting one of the nearly 90 courses offered each semester. See first-hand the dynamic class discussions and engaging lectures that are hallmark of the student experience. Our 200 faculty members are leading researchers and professionals in public service—and amazing teachers.

Class visits will return in Fall 2022

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Hear first-hand about the NYU Wagner student experience and the value of our graduate degrees from current students or one of our thousands of alumni throughout the United States and around the world. Meet for coffee in New York City or speak on the phone/Zoom from anywhere in the world. 

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See what it's like to study in our unique urban setting. The university offers tours of the Washington Square campus to prospective graduate and professional school students throughout the year.

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