Costs, Aid & Assistance

Find out detailed information about the cost of attendance, and access resources to finance your education—including federal loan programs and merit-based fellowships, scholarships, and assistantships.


Tuition is calculated on a per-credit basis. Your tuition costs are customized based on the total number of credits you enroll in each term.

Per-Credit Tuition Costs (2023-2024)

  FALL 2023 Spring 2024 Summer 2024

Tuition per point/credit




Registration and service fee for first credit




Registration and service fee for each additional credit






Credits Tuition FEES Total

6 credits




9 credits




12 credits




View the tuition and fee calculator at the NYU Bursar's website.

*For Executive Masters students, fees also include a one-time $1,724 EMPA program fee. The program fee will be split across two semesters:

  • EXEC-GP 100 = $862 (Fall 2023)
  • EXEC-GP 101 = $862 (Spring 2024)

**A typical part-time student enrolls in 6 credits per fall and spring semester each academic year. A typical full-time student enrolls in 12 credits per fall and spring semester each academic year.



          Expense type*
Estimated cost









Personal Expenses


Student Basic Health Insurance**





*Please note that these expenses, based on 2024-2025 rates, are discretionary for students and are included here to assist you in planning your budget.  

**Based on Basic Plan. For more information on student health insurance options, including premiums, enrollment, and waivers, please visit the NYU Student Health Insurance website.

Most NYU Wagner students fund their studies through a variety of means—private or federal student loans, college work-study, or student employment. You can seek out supplementary funding by applying to external merit-based or need-based scholarship programs that award students pursuing a degree program in public service.

Federal Student Loans

Federal student loan programs offer low-interest student loan options for US Citizens and Permanent Residents. International students are not eligible for federal financial aid. Graduate financial aid programs available to students who study in New York State include:

  • Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans
  • Federal Grad/Professional Plus Loans
  • Federal Work Study

Compare the different types of federal loan programs.

How to Apply

If you are a US Citizen or Permanent Resident and you wish to be considered for need-based federal financial aid, you must complete the current Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). List "New York University" as a recipient and include our federal school code number 002785. Deadline: You should submit the FAFSA no later than October 1 for spring-start students or February 1 for fall-start students. While the FAFSA is accepted after these deadlines, late submission will cause a delay in the determination (and notification) of your aid eligibility (but it does not impact the amount of funding for which you are eligibile). 

Private Loan Programs

A variety of additional, private (non-federal) alternative loans are also available from individual lending institutions. Please think carefully about your obligations as a borrower before pursuing any educational loan. Consider your educational investment at NYU, as well as your long-term financial commitments when borrowing.

See a reference list of private lenders.