NYU Wagner External Scholarships Directory

In an effort to provide applicants and current NYU Wagner students with information regarding fellowships and scholarships beyond those awarded by NYU Wagner, we have researched and prepared the following directory to assist you in planning how you will fund your graduate school education. The directory below lists fellowship and scholarship programs administered and managed by organizations and institutions external to NYU Wagner, but that provide financial support to students from all over the world accepted into or enrolled in U.S. graduate programs. Every attempt has been made to provide accurate website links, eligibility criteria and level of support provided, however, this information is subject to change. If you find information provided here is inaccurate, please email wagner.financialaid@nyu.edu so we can correct it.

aga khan foundation scholarship

Description: The Aga Khan Foundation provides a limited number of scholarships each year for post graduate studies to outstanding students from developing countries that have no other means of financing their studies. Scholarships are awarded on a 50% grant: 50% loan basis through a competitive application process once a year in June or July.

Eligibility: Preference is given to students under 30 years of age who are admitted to a master’s degree program, but have not yet begun their course of study. In addition, the foundation accepts applications from applicants living in one of the countries where the foundation has branches, currently Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Syria, Egypt, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, Madagascar, France, Portugal, UK, USA and Canada.

Award Amount: varies

Website: https://www.akdn.org/our-agencies/aga-khan-foundation/international-sch…

Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Fellowship

Description: The Rangel Program awards fellowships towards tuition, room, board, books and mandatory fees for completion of a two-year master’s degree. At the conclusion of two years of study, the Rangel Fellow is expected to obtain a degree in international affairs or another area of relevance to the work of the Foreign Service (such as public administration, public policy, business administration, foreign languages, economics, political science, communications) at a graduate or professional school approved by the Ralph J. Bunche International Affairs Center. Awardees are expected to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.2 throughout their period of study. Fellows who successfully complete the Rangel Program and Foreign Service entry requirements will receive an appointment as a Foreign Service Officer, embarking on one of the most exciting and rewarding careers available.

Eligibility: Applicants must be U.S. citizens. Applicants must be seeking admission to enter graduate school in the fall of 2020 for a two-year program at a U.S. university. They can be in their senior year of their undergraduate studies, graduating by June 2020, or they can be college graduates. Applicants must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.2 or higher on a 4.0 scale at the time of application.

Award Amount: up to $37,500 annually

Website: http://www.rangelprogram.org/graduate-fellowship-program/

The Hispanic Health professional Student scholarship

Description: The National Hispanic Health Foundation provides 15-20 scholarships each year for post graduate studies to students demonstrating exceptional academic performance, documented leadership activities, and have a commitment to a career providing healthcare services to the Hispanic community in the United States. 

Eligibility: Applicants must be enrolled full time in an approved accredited graduate program (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Public Health/Policy or Physician Assistant). In addition, applicants must be a U.S. Citizen, permanent lawful resident or a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) student.

Award Amount: varies

Website: https://nhmafoundation.org/programs/the-nhhf-scholarship/

National Security Education Program - David L. Boren Graduate Fellowships

Description: Boren Fellowships provide unique funding opportunities for U.S. graduate students to study less commonly taught languages in world regions critical to U.S. interests, and underrepresented in study abroad, including Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America, and the Middle East. (The countries of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are excluded.) Boren Fellows represent a vital pool of highly motivated individuals who wish to work in the federal national security arena. NSEP draws on a broad definition of national security, recognizing that the scope of national security has expanded to include not only the traditional concerns of protecting and promoting American well-being, but also the challenges of global society, including sustainable development, 1environmental degradation, global disease and hunger, population growth and migration, and economic competitiveness. In exchange for funding, Boren Fellows commit to working in the federal government for at least one year after graduation.

Eligibility: Applicants must be U.S. citizens and matriculated in or applying to a graduate degree program at a U.S. college or university located within the United States. Boren Fellows must remain matriculated in their graduate programs for the duration of the fellowship and may not graduate until the fellowship is complete.

Award Amount: up to $24,000 for overseas study; limited funding is also available for domestic study that supplements the overseas component

Website: http://www.borenawards.org/boren_fellowship/basics.html

Government Finance Officers Association – Various

Description: Please see the following link to learn more about the various scholarship opportunities for graduate students interested in careers in government finance.

Eligibility: Currently a full-time student in a graduate program that prepares students for careers in state and local government finance and expecting to be enrolled in the spring semester of the year for which the scholarship is awarded (including graduates of that spring semester). Baccalaureate degree or its equivalent. Citizen or permanent resident of the United States or Canada. Recommendation from student's academic advisor or dean of the graduate program. Student has not been a past winner of a scholarship administered by the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada are not eligible to apply.

Award Amount: $9,000 – 15,000

Website: http://gfoa.org/about-gfoa/student-opportunities/scholarships-full-and-…

Davis-Putter Scholarship

Description: The Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund provides grants to students actively working for peace and justice. These need-based scholarships are awarded to those able to do academic work at the university level and who are part of the progressive movement on the campus and in the community. Early recipients worked for civil rights, against McCarthyism, and for peace in Vietnam. Recent grantees have been active in the struggle against racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of oppression; building the movement for economic justice; and creating peace through international anti-imperialist solidarity.

Eligibility: Applicants must be living in the United States and planning to enroll in an accredited program in the US in order to apply. There is a strong preference to award grants to students who are planning on staying in the United States and building the progressive movement here.

Award Amount: up to $10,000

Website: http://www.davisputter.org/

American Indian Graduate Center - Graduate Scholarships

Description: The American Indian Graduate Center, Inc., announces the availability of graduate fellowships for American Indian and Alaska Native students from federally recognized U. S. tribes. AIGC was founded in 1969 to help open doors to graduate education and to help tribes obtain the educated professionals they need to become more self-sufficient and exercise their rights to self-determination.

Eligibility: Pursuing a post baccalaureate graduate or professional degree as a full time student at an accredited institution in the U.S. Able to demonstrate financial need and enrolled member of a federally recognized American Indian tribe or Alaska Native group, or provide documentation of descent (possess one-fourth degree federally-recognized Indian blood) and be interested in pursuing a master’s or doctorate degree in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Award Amount: varies

Website: http://www.aigcs.org/scholarships/graduate-fellowships/

Institute for Humane Studies – Graduate Scholarships

Description: Last year IHS awarded 120 scholarships to outstanding undergraduate, graduate, law, and professional students who are exploring the principles, practices, and institutions necessary to a free society through their academic work.

Eligibility: The Institute for Humane Studies awards scholarships for undergraduate or graduate study in the United States or abroad.

Award Amount: up to $15,000

Website: https://theihs.org/graduate-students/scholarships-and-grants-graduate-s…

NAACP Scholarship Program

Description: Each year the NAACP, through generous donations, is able to provide scholarships to outstanding students. It is the duty of our dedicated Scholarship Committee to determine the most outstanding individuals to receive these awards.

Eligibility: Applicant must be current member of the NAACP and must not have reached the age of 25 by the application deadline. Applicant must be a citizen of the United States and be enrolled in an accredited college or university in the United States. Undergraduate students must be full-time with a GPA of at least 2.5 (C+). Graduate students may be full or part-time with a GPA of 3.0 (B). Applicant must demonstrate financial need.

Award Amount: $1,500 to $3,000

Website: http://www.naacp.org/naacp-scholarships/

The Poise Foundation Scholarship

Description: Our Post-Secondary Scholarship Program is funded through various endowed scholarship funds of the Foundation. Support can be awarded to two year and four year universities, post-secondary technical and trade schools, and limited funding for graduate studies. Many of our scholarship funds are based on donors restrictions such as student’s major, institution, grade point average, etc.

Eligibility: varies

Award Amount: varies

Website: http://www.poisefoundation.org/post-secondary-scholarships

The Leopold Schepp Foundation Scholarship

Description: The Foundation grants approximately 200 individual awards each year to both full time undergraduate students enrolled in four year bachelor programs and to full time graduate students. Applicants must either be currently enrolled or must have completed one year of undergraduate work at an accredited college or university. High school seniors are not eligible to apply.

Eligibility: 1. Undergraduates must be under 30 years of age at the time of application. Graduates must be under 40 years of age at the time of application. 2. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale and must enroll full-time. 3. PhD candidates who have only the dissertation to complete and who are not enrolled in class full-time are not eligible. 4. Only one student in a family can receive a scholarship at the same time. 5. High school seniors are eligible to apply during their senior year in high school for their first year in college. 6. Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States. 7. Scholars who are requesting aid for a second degree at the same level for which a degree has already been awarded are not eligible to apply, for example, a second Bachelor's Degree or second Master's Degree. 8. Due to limited funding, the number of applications given to students enrolled in graduate study at medical, law or business school is limited. 9. A personal interview in New York City is required of all applicants. Travel expenses are not reimbursed. 10. Students who have previously applied for a Leopold Schepp Foundation Scholarship and who were denied an award are not eligible to reapply.

Award Amount: up to $9,000

Website: http://www.scheppfoundation.org

Organization of American States (OAS) - Professional Development Scholarships

Description: The Department of Human Development, Education and Culture (DHDEC) of the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) offer professional development scholarships to citizens of OAS Member States. Professional Development courses aim to expand or refresh participants' professional expertise in areas of specialization related to the priority development areas of the OAS as outlined in the Inter-American Council for Integral Development (CIDI) Strategic Plan for Partnership for Integral Development 2006-2009. OAS Member States have approved the following priority areas for Partnership for Development: * Education * Social Development and Creation of Productive Employment * Economic Diversification and Integration, Trade Liberalization and Market Access * 4Scientific Development and Exchange and Transfer of Technology * Strengthening of Democratic Institutions * Sustainable Development of Tourism * Sustainable Development and the Environment * Culture

Eligibility: Citizens or permanent residents of OAS Member States (Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Grenada, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, United States of America, Uruguay and Venezuela). Candidates who meet the requirements indicated in the course announcement. Candidates must be proficient in the language of instruction of the course.

Award Amount: Varies

Website: http://www.oas.org/en/scholarships/professionaldev.asp

The Switzer Environmental Fellowship Program

Description: The programs of the Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation are dedicated to investing in individual leaders who will be driving positive environmental change and to supporting projects that will have measurable positive results on environmental quality for natural and human communities. The goal of the Switzer Environmental Fellowship Program is to support highly talented graduate students in New England and California whose studies are directed toward improving environmental quality and who demonstrate the potential for leadership in their field.

Eligibility: Applicants for a Switzer Environmental Fellowship must: be a US citizen; be enrolled in an accredited graduate institution in California or New England; have strong academic qualifications; have academic and career goals focused on environmental improvement, regardless of the school, major or program in which they are enrolled. In addition: Master's degree candidates must have completed at least one semester of course work to apply and be seeking the Master's as a terminal degree. Master's degree students planning to pursue a PhD are advised to wait until they are in their PhD program to apply. Individuals enrolled in one-year Master's degree programs may apply prior to enrollment, but must be formally accepted into their program to be eligible for an interview. Applicants at the PhD level must have completed at least three years of Doctoral work or passed their qualifying exams.

Award Amount: $15,000

Website: http://www.switzernetwork.org/become-fellow

The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans

Description: The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans is a merit-based fellowship program exclusively for immigrants and children of immigrants who are pursuing graduate school in the United States. The program provides opportunities for continuing generations of able and accomplished New Americans to achieve leadership in their chosen fields. The Program is established in recognition of the contributions New Americans have made to American life and in gratitude for the opportunities the United States has afforded the donors and their family. 5

Eligibility: An applicant’s birth parents must have both been born outside of the US as non-US citizens, and both parents must not have been eligible for US citizenship at the time of their births. Applicants cannot have reached or passed their 31st birthday as of the application deadline. Complete eligibility requirements are available online.

Award Amount: up to $90,000

Website: http://www.pdsoros.org

The Scholarship for Service – ASPIRE

Description: This scholarship is for students entering the vital field of cybersecurity. An interdisciplinary cross section of one of world’s foremost universities will provide qualified students with skills in the technological (NYU-Poly), business (NYU-Stern), cultural (NYU-Steinhardt), public policy and management (NYU-Wagner), and scientific (NYU Courant Institute) aspects of real world security and privacy problems. The ASPIRE (A Scholarship for Service Partnership for Interdisciplinary Research and Education) award from the National Science Foundation will prepare its recipients with strong technical training and a security mindset that looks beyond just technology while approaching problems.

Eligibility: Must be a matriculated student by the time you are admitted into the ASPIRE program. To apply for an ASPIRE scholarship, you must have applied to, have been admitted to, or are already a student at the NYU School of Engineering, NYU Courant, NYU Wagner, NYU Stern, or NYU Steinhardt. You must be a U.S. citizen to receive ASPIRE scholarship. BS students must maintain a GPA of 3.0, and MS students, a 3.5. All SFS (ASPIRE) students must participate in an internship during the first summer of their two years enrolled in the program. You are obligated to work for two years at a federal agency after graduation. This means you must be able to meet the criteria for federal employment, including security clearances.

Award Amount: The scholarship supports two to three years of stipends, tuition, and allowances for students in the general area of information assurance and cyber security. The scholarships cover expenses normally incurred by full-time students in the institution, including tuition and education related fees (it does not include items such as meal plans, housing, or parking). Additionally, students awarded the scholarship will also be given academic year stipends, and many other benefits.

Website: http://cyber.nyu.edu/student-scholarships/aspire-scholarship/

The Harry S. Truman Scholarship

Description: The Truman Scholarship provides up to $30,000 in funding to students pursuing graduate degrees in public service fields. Students must be college juniors at the time of selection. The Foundation also provides assistance with career counseling, internship placement, graduate school admissions, and professional development. Scholars are invited to participate in a number of programs: Truman Scholar Leadership Week, The Summer Institute, The Truman Fellows Program, and the Public Service Law Conference. Please visit the For Scholars section of the website for an overview of the programs the Foundation currently offers for Scholars. All Candidates should be aware that the Truman Scholarship has a newly instituted service requirement. Scholars selected from 2005 on are required to work in public service for three of the seven years following completion of a Foundation funded 6graduate degree program as a condition of receiving Truman funds. Scholars who do not meet this service requirement, or who fail to provide timely proof to the Foundation of such employment, will be required to repay funds received along with interest. The Foundation will have an appeals process for special circumstances.

Eligibility: If you can put a check beside each of the following statements, you should be a strong candidate for a Truman Scholarship. If more than two do not apply, the Truman Scholarship is probably not right for you. LEGAL REQUIREMENTS (must be met): At the time I apply, I will be a full-time student pursuing a bachelor's degree with junior-level academic standing; I have senior-level standing in my third year of college enrollment; or I am a senior and a resident of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, or a Pacific Island. Note: Students who have completed their bachelor's degree or are already attending graduate school are not eligible for the Truman Scholarship. I am a U.S. citizen (or a U.S. national from a Pacific Island) or I expect to receive my citizenship by the date the Scholarship will be awarded.

Award Amount: up to $30,000

Website: www.truman.gov

American Association of University Women - Career Development Grants

Description: Career Development Grants support women who hold a bachelor's degree and are preparing to advance their careers, change careers, or re-enter the work force. Special consideration is given to women of color, and women pursuing their first advanced degree or credentials in nontraditional fields.

Eligibility: Grants provide support for course work beyond a bachelor's degree, including a master's degree, second bachelor's degree, or specialized training in technical or professional fields. Funds are available for distance learning. Course work must be taken at an accredited two- or four-year college or university in the United States, or at a technical school that is fully licensed or accredited by the U.S. Department of Education. Funds are not available for PhD-level work.

Award Amount: varies

Website: http://www.aauw.org/what-we-do/educational-funding-and-awards/career-de…

Website for International Students: http://www.aauw.org/what-we-do/educational-funding-and-awards/internati… The Thomas R. Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellowship

Description: The Thomas R. Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellowship program provides funding to participants as they are prepared academically and professionally to enter the United States Department of State Foreign Service. Women, members of minority groups historically underrepresented in the Foreign Service, and students with financial need are encouraged to apply. The goal of the fellowship program is to attract outstanding students who enroll in two-year master's degree programs in public policy, international affairs, public administration, or academic fields such as business, economics, political science, sociology, or foreign languages, who represent all ethnic, racial and social backgrounds and who have an interest in pursuing a Foreign Service career in the U.S. 7Department of State. The program develops a source of trained men and women who will represent the skill needs of the Department and who are dedicated to representing America's interests abroad.

Eligibility: Only individuals who are United States citizens at the time of application will be considered. Applicants must have a minimum undergraduate grade point average of 3.2 or higher on a 4.0 scale. At the time of application, candidates must be seeking admission to graduate school for the following academic year. Winners are expected to enroll in a two-year, full-time master's degree program in either public policy, international affairs, or public administration, or in an academic field such as business, economics, political science, sociology, or foreign languages (U.S. graduate institutions only). A cumulative grade point average of 3.2 or higher on a 4.0 scale must be maintained throughout participation in the program.

Award Amount: Up to $37,500 annually for tuition, room, board, books and mandatory fees

Website: http://www.twc.edu/thomas-r-pickering-foreign-affairs-fellowship-program

University Transportation Research Center / Advanced Institute for Transportation Education

Description: The purpose of UTRC’s Advanced Institute for Transportation Education (AITE) scholarship program is to increase the knowledge and capabilities of transportation professionals by supporting the pursuit of master’s degrees in transportation-related fields. The program supports both full-time master’s students and professionals working at participating agencies who are looking to increase their expertise through pursuit of a master’s degree.

Eligibility: Applicants must be admitted as a matriculated student to an approved full-time AITE master’s degree program; have a completed bachelor’s degree with a minimum grade point average of 2.7; and be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Eligibility differs for agency employees.

Award Amount: Up to $25,000 in funding from UTRC, to be spent over up to four consecutive semesters after the award is made

Website: http://www.utrc2.org/education/aite-scholarships

University Transportation Research Center / September 11 th Memorial Program

Description: The New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC) established the September 11th Memorial Program for Regional Transportation Planning to honor the memory of Ignatius Adanga, Charles Lesperance, and See Wong Shum, the three employees it lost during the attack on the World Trade Center. The program was established to educate and motivate people interested in transportation technology and planning and to encourage innovations in planning activities throughout the NYMTC region. The Program's Academic Initiative is designed to foster the academic and professional development of students by providing them with opportunities to participate in innovative research and planning projects. It is administered by the University Transportation Research Center (UTRC).

Eligibility: Program participants must be enrolled full-time at one of the UTRC Member Universities. Applicants for the Research Option must be enrolled as graduate students; upper-level undergraduate students and graduate students are both eligible for the Internship Option. Prospective students not yet 8enrolled in graduate school may apply to the September 11th Memorial Program concurrently with their application to any of these schools.

Award Amount: Graduate students receive a $2,000 per month stipend over 12 months, and up to $10,000 in tuition assistance.

Website: http://www.utrc2.org/education/september-11th-memorial-program

Armenian International Women's Association Scholarships

Description: The Armenian International Women's Association (AIWA) annually awards the Lucy Kasparian Aharonian, Ethel Jafarian Duffett, Zarouhi Y. Getsoyan, Rose “Azad” Hovannesian, Agnes K. Missirian, and Dr. Carolann Najarian scholarships. In conjunction with the Society for Women Engineers Boston Chapter, AIWA also awards the Lucy Kasparian Aharonian scholarship for students in the sciences. The Agnes K. Missirian Scholarship, in the amount of $2,000, was established in memory of Bentley College (Waltham, Massachusetts) Professor of Management Agnes Missirian, a strong advocate for women's rights. An early and enthusiastic supporter of AIWA and its programs to advance the status of Armenian women, Dr. Missirian was a member of the AIWA Board of Directors and chaired the organization's first international conference, in London in 1994. The Zarouhi Y. Getsoyan Scholarship of $500 was established by Naomi Topalian in memory of her mother, a native of Marash who was orphaned by the 1895 massacres, and went on to become a teacher as well as a strong supporter of education for women.

Eligibility: The scholarships are awarded to full-time female students of Armenian descent attending accredited colleges or universities. Students entering their junior or senior year in college, as well as graduate students, are eligible to apply for the awards, which are based on financial need and merit.

Award Amount: $1,000 - $2,000

Website: http://aiwainternational.org/content.aspx?page_id=22&club_id=616355&mod…

Evalee C. Schwarz Charitable Trust for Education - Interest Free Loans

Description: The Evalee C. Schwarz Charitable Trust for Education was created under the Will of Evalee C. Schwarz to provide interest-free loans to undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate exceptional academic performance and significant financial need. High school seniors may also apply.

Eligibility: Students seeking to qualify for a loan from the Evalee C. Schwarz Charitable Trust for Education must: Be a U.S. citizen at the time of application. Qualify for financial need in the form of government grants.(Please complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).The FAFSA can be obtained by using the link listed below.) www.fafsa.ed.gov. Be enrolled in a school in the state in which the student resides. Demonstrate an outstanding combination of class rank and standardized test scores. Test scores must be in the top 10% of nation-wide scores. Not be seeking a law degree. Deadline is typically in April annually.

Award Amount: Varies

Website: http://www.evaleeschwarztrust.org/

Canadian Federation of University Women Scholarships

Description: There are several scholarship programs run by the Canadian Federal of University Women to support women interested in pursuing graduate studies either in Canada, or abroad. Eligibility varies for each, as does the amount of support. Please visit the website to learn more.

Award Amount: varies

Website: http://www.cfuw.org/fellowshipsawards.aspx

The World Bank - The Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund

Description: The Margaret McNamara Education Grants (formerly known as MMMF) is a nonprofit, public charity founded in 1981, which awards education grants to exceptional women from developing countries, who are at least 25 years old, and enrolled at universities in the US, Canada and select universities in South Africa and Latin America.

Eligibility: Be at least 25 years old at time of application deadline (see specific regional program application below); Be a national of a country listed on the MMEG Country Eligibility List; Be enrolled (not just accepted) at an accredited academic institution when submitting application; and plan to be enrolled for a full academic term after award of the grant by the Board; Not be related to a World Bank Group, International Monetary Fund or Inter-American Development Bank staff member or spouse; already be enrolled as a full time student, with relevant student visa in national passport, and plan to continue studying full time in the following academic year; not hold US citizenship or permanent residency (green card) or Canadian citizenship or Canadian landed immigrant status.

Award Amount: varies

Website: http://www.mmeg.org/apply/

Korean-American Scholarship Foundation Northeastern Region Scholarships

Description: Scholarships available to Korean-American and Korean students enrolled in a full-time undergraduate or graduate program in the United States. Selection based on financial need, academic achievement, school activities, and community services. Each applicant must submit an application to the respective KASF region.

Eligibility: Qualifications for the scholarship: Korean-American and Korean students enrolled in a full- time undergraduate or graduate program at a school in one of the designated Northeastern states, a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, and be able to demonstrate need for financial assistance.

Award Amount: $500 -$5,000

Website: http://www.kasf.org/northeastern

Philanthropic Educational Organization Program for Continuing Education

Description: P.E.O. Program for Continuing Education (PCE) was established in 1973 to provide need based grants to women in the United States and Canada whose education has been interrupted and who find it necessary to return to school to support themselves and/or their families.

Eligibility: varies

Award Amount: varies

Website: http://www.peointernational.org/peo-projectsphilanthropies

The Sarawak Foundation - The Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship

Description: To assist students studying in either local or overseas institutions. Priorities are given to students doing their first degree, masters, doctorate or post-graduate diplomas. Scholarship supports: Subsistence allowance, Fees, Book allowances*, Thesis allowances*, Air tickets Equipment allowances, Final semester study allowances**, Clothing allowances * Note: For post-degree studies only. ** Note: For oversea studies only. Organization also offers a limited educational loan.

Eligibility: Candidates must be Malaysian citizens, no more than 25 years old, have already completed the first year of a Bachelor's degree program at any local higher educational institutions and do not have any loan or scholarship.

Award Amount: Varies

Website: http://www.etawau.com/edu/Scholarship/Government/Yayasan_tunku_abdul_ra…

Indian Bank Educational Loan

Description: Indian Bank provides convenient educational loans for meritorious/deserving students to acquire knowledge and skill in the field of their interest. By playing beacon, new-generation's quest for success is ably supported, paving way for Generation Banking The purpose of this loan is to meet the cost of education covering fee payable to college / school / hostel, exam fees, purchase of books / equipment's, travel expenses / passage money for studies abroad / purchase of computers essential for completion of the course / caution deposit / building fund/ refundable deposit supported by institution bills/receipts, subject to a maximum of 10% of total tuition fees for the entire course. Insurance premium for student borrower.

Eligibility: The applicant should be an Indian National. He / She should have secured admission to professional / technical courses in India or abroad through Entrance Test / Merit based selection process.

Award Amount: varies

Website: http://www.indianbank.in/education.php

Aspen Institute - William Randolph Hearst Endowed Fellowship for Minority Students

Description: The Nonprofit Sector Research Fund, a grant making program of the Aspen Institute in Washington, DC, offers the William Randolph Hearst Endowed Fellowship three times annually. The fellowship, which is based on academic excellence and need, is open to both undergraduate and graduate students who are members of minority groups. The Hearst Fellow serves as an intern with the Fund. Through this program, the Fund seeks to introduce a diverse group of students to issues relating to philanthropy, volunteerism, and nonprofit organizations. Recipients may arrange with their colleges or universities to receive academic credit for this experience.

Eligibility: The ideal candidate for this fellowship is a highly motivated continuing graduate or undergraduate student from an underrepresented community. She or he should have an excellent academic record and also have the following: Outstanding research skills; A background in the social sciences or humanities; Excellent writing and communication skills; Demonstrated financial need; and American citizenship. The student must be able to intern for 10-15 weeks at the Washington, DC, office of the Aspen Institute. They generally expect that Fall and Spring internships will be part-time (15-20 hours per week) and Summer internships will be full-time. All travel and housing costs must be covered by the student.

Award Amount: $2,000 - $4000

Website: http://www.aspeninstitute.org/policy-work/nonprofit-philanthropy/leader…

The Commonwealth Fund Harkness Fellowships in Healthcare Policy and Practice

Description: Harkness Fellowships are designed for mid-career professionals who are committed to advancing health policy and practice in The Commonwealth Fund's principal areas of interest: improving health insurance coverage and access to care; and improving the quality and efficiency of health care services. Projects may include comparisons between the United States and the applicant's home country. Fellowships are not awarded to support study for academic degrees.

Eligibility: Be citizens of Australia, Germany, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, or the United Kingdom (in the U.K., citizens of other countries with permanent residency and five or more years tenure in the U.K. may also apply); Show significant promise as a policy-oriented health services researcher or practitioner (clinician, health services manager, government official, or journalist); Have a demonstrated expertise in health policy issues and a track record of informing health policy through research, policy analysis, health services, or clinical leadership; Have a master's degree or doctorate (or the equivalent thereof) in health care services, health policy research, or a related discipline, such as economics or political science (consideration may be given to candidates with a bachelor's degree only, depending on work experience); and If academically based, be at a mid-career level (e.g., research fellow to senior lecturer).

Award Amount: up to $130,000

Website: www.commonwealthfund.org/fellowships/

National Water Research Institute Fellowship Program

Description: NWRI awards Fellowships to support master's or doctoral graduate research related to water, including water supply, water resources, water quality, and technologies and treatment. The research MUST pertain to NWRI's mission statement, which is to create new sources of water through research and technology and to protect the freshwater and marine environments. NWRI's specific research interests include (but are not limited to): water treatment technologies, water quality, water environmental chemistry, water policy and economics, public health and risk assessment, water resources management.

Eligibility: Students must be CURRENTLY enrolled in a graduate program at a U.S. university to receive the NWRI Fellowship.

Award Amount: up to $15,000

Website: http://www.nwri-usa.org/fellowship.htm

Royal Thai Embassy Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Scholarships for Thai Students Description /

Eligibility: To support Thai students studying or accepted to study in the US for the need of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Students must be under 30, with no commitment to any scholarships donor and accepted to study at the Masters or Doctoral level.

Award Amount: Varies

Website: http://www.oeadc.org/english

Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation Programmes of Scholarships for Hellenes

Description: Scholarships are awarded to those who wish to attend further educational programs in Schools, Academies or Workshops outside of Greece or continue with postgraduate studies at university level. Within the framework of the aforementioned Scholarship Programmes for studies in Greece and abroad, the Foundation has been awarding since 1996 a number of scholarships to the children of in- service or retired military officers, of all three Branches of the Armed Forces, as well as the Fire Department and the Security Forces.

Eligibility: Since 1978, the Foundation has established an annual programme of scholarships for Greek graduates of Higher Education Institutions for doctoral and postgraduate studies outside Greece.

Award Amount: Varies

Website: http://www.onassis.gr/scholarships-greeks.php

Point Foundation - The National LGTB Scholarship Fund

Description: Point’s scholarship award covers a variety of expenses such as tuition, books, room, board and basic living expenses. Point estimates that a college education costs between $8,000 and $50,000 per year, depending on which school the scholar attends. Some scholars may only need money to cover 13living expenses or books while others may need more. Point’s Board of Directors makes every attempt to assist each scholar to the full extent so they may focus on their academic career rather than worry about funding.

Eligibility: Exceptional academic performance is one characteristic that Point Foundation (Point) seeks in its applicants and subsequent scholars. Additionally, proven leaderships skills and the desire to make a difference in the world is highly valued. Each person who applies for a Point scholarship is evaluated on the totality of their situation. Financial need, marginalization, academic excellence, community involvement, leadership and future goals are all key factors that are taken into consideration. It is not required that you identify within the LGBT community to apply. Additionally, Point realizes that identities within “LGBT” do not apply to everyone on the Queer spectrum, and Point welcomes all spectrums of the Queer community to apply. Point does require that you have a history of leadership and/or allyship in issues that affect the LGBT/Queer community and you must plan to continue this leadership/allyship in the future.

Award Amount: Varies

Website: https://pointfoundation.org/

Organization of American States (OAS) Fellowship

Description: Graduate scholarships: Are offered for study towards a Master’s or Doctorate degree. They may also be used for graduate research, if required by a specific academic program. Scholarships are awarded for an initial period of one academic year and may be renewed subsequently for up to one additional year if funds remain available and if the renewal is necessary to complete the program of study or research for which the scholarship was initially awarded. The OAS does not offer scholarships for studies in the medical sciences. The total financial award from the OAS may not exceed US$30,000.00 per academic year which includes tuition, benefits, and administrative costs.

Eligibility: Scholarships are awarded to persons to undertake graduate studies that lead to a degree and/or graduate research at a university or higher learning institution in a Member State. Studies may be carried out by on-site or by distance education or a combination of both. The scholarship is awarded for a maximum of two academic years.

Award Amount: Varies

Website: http://www.oas.org/en/scholarships/

Organization of American States (OAS) Rowe Fund

Description: Educational loan program of the Organization of American States (OAS) that helps citizens from Latin America and Caribbean OAS Member States finance their studies or research in accredited universities across the United States. Rowe Fund loans include: Deferred repayment while in school; No application or processing fees; applications are accepted and reviewed year-round and at any time during the studies in the U.S.; funding is sent directly to the student after approval; and easy access to Loan Application Forms and instructions. 14

Eligibility: Any student from a Latin American or Caribbean OAS member state already accepted into an accredited university or institution in the United States is eligible to receive loans from the Rowe Fund. Qualified students will be those completing professional, post-graduate, and/or undergraduate studies. Candidates must be able to successfully complete the studies or research for which the loan is being requested within a maximum of two years. One condition of the disbursement of the loan shall be the student’s possession of a visa allowing them to study full-time in the United States.

Award Amount: up to $15,000

Website: http://www.oas.org/en/scholarships/

National Scholarship Program of Chile

Description: Funding for higher education for Chilean citizens.

Eligibility: Chilean citizenship. Consult website or contact organization for further information.

Award Amount: Various

Website: http://www.mideplan.cl

Becas Magdalena O. Vda. de Brockmann Foundation

Description: Becas Magdalena O. Vda. de Brockmann, A.C. is a carefully managed nonprofit private foundation (tax exempt in Mexico, Canada and the U.S.) set up on April 29th, 1993 and headquartered in Guadalajara, Mexico. Contact for more information.

Eligibility: It is the Foundation’s policy to provide guidance and award scholarships to gifted Mexicans who wish to study for Master’s degrees at foreign universities in branches of knowledge of their choice, with the proviso that they provide a future contribution to the advancement and modernization of Mexico. The Foundation seeks highly motivated applicants with the following attributes: a Bachelor’s degree and cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher, strong recommendations, a functional level of communication in English, proof of having thoroughly researched postgraduate study opportunities, clearly focused career objectives, and finally, official admittance to a recognized foreign university. Awardees promise to return to Mexico after graduation and to remain in the country for five years.

Award Amount: Various

Website: www.becasmob.org.mx

St. Andrews Society of the State of New York Scholarship

Description: In recognition of the benefits of higher education, the Society provides significant funding for two Scottish graduate students to study in the United States and two Scottish-American students to study in Scotland. Initiated by the Society at its 200th anniversary, in the past fifty years the program has consistently attracted the top students from the most competitive institutions of learning. 15

Eligibility: Candidates should possess the qualifications which will enable them to be good ambassadors for the United States while in Scotland. The basis for selection shall include the student's: Academic achievement, Extra-curricular activities, Financial need, Statement of personal objectives, Some Scottish descent, Proof of US citizenship.

Award Amount: $30,000

Website: http://www.standrewsny.org/Scholarship

The National Italian American Foundation Scholarship Program

Description: The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) has an education budget of $1,000,000. The NIAF will award scholarships and grants to outstanding students in the summer of 2008 for use during the following academic year. The awards will be made on the basis of academic merit and divided between two groups of students. General Category I: Italian American students who demonstrate outstanding potential and high academic achievements. Area of study: open. General Category II: Those students from any ethnic background majoring or minoring in Italian language, Italian studies, Italian American studies or a related field, who demonstrate outstanding potential and high academic achievements. Scholarship awards range from $2,000-$12,000. Each scholarship award can only cover tuition and university-provided room and board. Scholarship recipients are eligible for one year of scholarship support.

Eligibility: To be considered for a NIAF scholarship, a student must meet the following criteria: Be enrolled in an US accredited institution of higher education for the Fall 2008; Have a grade-point average of at least 3.5 out of 4.0 (or the equivalent); Be a United States citizen or a permanent resident alien; Fit into one of the two NIAF scholarship categories; and for the purposes of the NIAF Scholarship Program, to be “Italian American” the student must have at least one ancestor who has immigrated from Italy. No immediate family members of the NIAF Board of Directors, Regional Vice-Presidents, Area Coordinators or staff are eligible for NIAF scholarships.

Award Amount: $2,000 - $12,000

Website: http://www.niaf.org/programs/scholarships-overview/

The Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program

Description: The Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program (JJ/WBGSP) is open to women and men from developing countries with relevant professional experience and a history of supporting their countries’ development efforts who are applying to a master degree program in a development- related topic.

Eligibility: To apply for a JJ/WBGSP scholarship under the Regular Program, an applicant must: Be a national of a World Bank member developing country. Not hold dual citizenship of any developed country. Be in good health. Hold a Bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree earned at least 3 years prior to the Application Deadline date. Have 3 years or more of recent development-related work experience after earning a Bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree. Be employed in development-related work in a paid full- time position at the time of submitting the scholarship application. On or before the Scholarship Application Deadline date, be admitted unconditionally (except for funding) for the upcoming academic 16year to at least one of the JJ/WBGSP preferred university master’s programs and located outside of the applicant’s country of citizenship and country of residence listed at the time the call for scholarship applications open. Not be an Executive Director, his/her alternate, and/or staff of any type of appointment of the World Bank Group or a close relative of the aforementioned by blood or adoption with the term "close relative" defined as: Mother, Father, Sister, Half-sister, Brother, Half-brother, Son, Daughter, Aunt, Uncle, Niece, or Nephew. The call for applications for a JJWBGSP Scholarship is now open from February 22 to April 12, 2018.

Award Amount: Annual awards cover the duration of the graduate program or two years, whichever is less (Includes travel and stipend).

Website: http://www.worldbank.org/en/programs/scholarships#3

Women in Transportation Society Foundation Scholarship

Description: The WTS Foundation awards scholarships to women who are pursuing careers in transportation through undergraduate and graduate programs. The scholarships are competitive and based on the applicant's specific transportation goals, academic record and transportation-related activities or job skills. Minority candidates are encouraged to apply. Local Chapters may have additional requirements (such as personal interviews or higher GPA). Please contact your local WTS chapter for more information. All applications are submitted through a chapter.

Award Amount: $5,000 - $10,000

Website: https://www.wtsinternational.org/education/scholarships/

Wexner Foundation Fellowship Program

Description: Wexner Graduate Fellowships are awarded to 20 outstanding individuals who seek to prepare themselves through graduate training for careers in the Cantorate, Jewish Education (Davidson Scholars), Jewish Professional Leadership (Davidson Scholars), Jewish Studies, and the Rabbinate. Please closely review the eligibility requirements before applying.

Eligibility: Entering the first or second year of a full-time degree granting graduate program starting in the Summer or Fall of 2018, based in North America, that will position you to pursue a career as a professional Jewish leader in North America. A citizen of the United States, Canada, or Mexico, or have documentation that allows you to study and to work in that country. Between the ages of 21 and 40 upon entering a graduate program. All eligible applicants are encouraged to apply, irrespective of denominational affiliation, gender, racial or ethnic origin, disability or sexual orientation. Please note that the Wexner Graduate Fellowship/Davidson Scholars Program honors the admissions policies of participating educational institutions.

Award Amount: Up to $30,000 each year for a two-year term (with possibility for a third year renewal)

Website: https://www.wexnerfoundation.org/programs/wexner-graduate-fellowship-br…

September 11th Memorial Program


Description: The New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC) established the September 11th Memorial Program for Regional Transportation Planning to honor the memory of Ignatius Adanga, Charles Lesperance, and See Wong Shum, the three employees it lost during the attack on the World Trade Center. The program was established to educate and motivate people interested in transportation technology and planning and to encourage innovations in planning activities throughout the NYMTC region. 

The Program's Academic Initiative is designed to foster the academic and professional development of students by providing them with opportunities to participate in innovative research and planning projects. It is administered by the University Transportation Research Center (UTRC).

Eligibility: Program participants must be enrolled full-time at one of the UTRC Member Universities. Prospective students not yet enrolled in graduate school may apply to the September 11th Memorial Program concurrently with their application to any of these schools. Students from all academic disciplines are encouraged to apply, as long as their studies relate in some way to transportation planning. Fields that are especially relevant include Transportation Planning and Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Operations Research, City and Regional Planning, Architecture, and Public Policy, but applicants need not be limited to these fields. For additional eligibility criteria please visit their website. 

Website: http://www.utrc2.org/education/september-11th-memorial-program


Albert w. dent graduate student scholarship


Description: Offered annually, the Albert W. Dent Graduate Student Scholarship is designated for racially/ethnically diverse students enrolled in their final year of a healthcare management graduate program. Each scholarship is worth $5,000. Between the McGaw and Dent scholarships, ACHE awards up to 15 scholarships each year.


You may apply for an Albert W. Dent Graduate Student Scholarship if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • You are a racially/ethnically diverse student enrolled full-time in a healthcare management graduate program - MHA, MPH, MBA in Healthcare Administration or similar.
  • You are entering your final year (fall/spring) of full-time study.

  • You expect to graduate between Sept. 1, 2023 and Aug. 31, 2024.

  • If you have a residency as part of your program and the upcoming fall term will be your second year of study, you may apply for a scholarship.

  • If you have already completed your classroom work and are in the residency part of your program, you are not eligible to apply.

  • If you currently hold a paid healthcare management position, you are not eligible to apply.  

  • Doctoral students are also not eligible to apply.

  • You are not required to be a Student Associate of the American College of Healthcare Executives. However, during the selection process, preference is given to applicants who are Student Associates of ACHE.

  • You can demonstrate financial need.

  • You are a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident; or a Canadian citizen.

  • You are not a previous recipient of this scholarship or the Foster G. McGaw Graduate Student Scholarship.

Please note: The Albert W. Dent Graduate Student Scholarship is only available to racially/ethnically diverse students, based on the definition of racially/ethnically diverse created by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Award Amount: $5,000

Website: https://www.ache.org/membership/student-resources/foster-g-mcgaw-graduate-student-scholarship


foster g. mcgraw graduate student scholarship


Description: Offered annually, the Foster G. McGaw Graduate Student Scholarship is designated for students enrolled in their final year of a healthcare management graduate program. Each scholarship is worth $5,000. Between the McGaw and Dent scholarships, ACHE awards up to 15 scholarships each year.


You may apply for a Foster G. McGaw Graduate Student Scholarship if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • You are a student enrolled full-time in a healthcare management graduate program - MHA, MPH, MBA in Healthcare Administration or similar.

  • You are entering your final year (fall/spring) of full-time study.

  • You expect to graduate between Sept. 1, 2023 and Aug. 31, 2024.

  • If you have a residency as part of your program and the upcoming fall term will be your second year of study, you may apply for a scholarship.

  • If you have already completed your classroom work and are in the residency part of your program, you are not eligible to apply.

  • If you currently hold a paid healthcare management position, you are not eligible to apply.

  • Doctoral students are also not eligible to apply.

  • You are not required to be a Student Associate of the American College of Healthcare Executives. However, during the selection process, preference is given to applicants who are Student Associates of ACHE.

  • You can demonstrate financial need.

  • You are a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident; or a Canadian citizen.

  • You are not a previous recipient of this scholarship or the Albert W. Dent Graduate Student Scholarship.

Award Amount: $5,000

Website: https://www.ache.org/membership/student-resources/foster-g-mcgaw-graduate-student-scholarship