Financial Support for PhD Students


All Ph.D. students without alternate funding sources are eligible to receive a five-year research apprenticeship, which carries a stipend, health insurance, a $1000 start-up grant, and 100% tuition remission.  Research apprentices work up to 20 hours a week with faculty members on research projects during the academic year.  No additional application materials are required for consideration.


An important feature of the program is the wide range of opportunities for Ph.D. students to obtain the skills and experience necessary to become effective teachers. There are many paid opportunities for Ph.D. students to work with full-time faculty as tutors, teaching assistants, and, eventually, as primary instructors in courses in the master's curriculum. For more information, please see our section on teaching experience.

Students are eligible for teaching assistantships when they demonstrate knowledge of the subject matter via significant experience or academic preparation in the subject. Students will be considered for teaching a course when they have successfully assisted in the teaching of a Wagner class, have sufficient credentials from previous academic degrees or professional work, or when they have successfully passed the comprehensive examination on the appropriate field. Faculty coordinating each school specialization will approve these decisions. PhD students who are not in good academic standing are not eligible for teaching.