Important Update -- Wagner Operations

Dear Colleagues, 


Thank you for your continued dedication as we collaboratively work through this evolving situation. Administrators received this email from Marty Dorph and Sabrina Ellis this afternoon. Tomorrow, Friday, March 13, will be Wagner’s last day of in-person operations. Starting Monday, March 16, everyone will be working remotely until further notice.


Tomorrow is a day of transition: do your printing; gather important notebooks and hardcopy files; forward your phone line. No one is expected to come to Puck unless they want to. You can come at any time and for as long you need: you will continue to have 24/7 swipe access.


Some notes about working remotely:

  • Please be sure to review Lawrence’s Telework Update email sent earlier today. It provides important information about resources you’ll need to work remotely. 

  • Those who sign-in and out of their timesheets daily, please continue to do so like you normally would if you were in the office. 

  • Temporary employees can continue to work remotely. 

  • For queries about your student workers, please see Mike West’s Student Employees email which was sent out yesterday. 

  • We will be arranging for our mail to be picked-up, which will be coming in on a reduced schedule.

  • Calls to Wagner’s main line will go to voicemail. Callers will be directed to email the Dean’s Office alias. 


If you have any questions about this policy, please email Christina with your questions. We will be working to put together a FAQ guide in the coming days that we will share with you. 


Thank you,