Copy Center

If you only need a small copy job, Wagner provides local copiers onsite at the Puck Building, but for large jobs, you will need to contact the Wagner Copy Center, located on the 2nd floor of the Puck Building. In addition to copies, the Copy Center will also provide stapling and finishing services for your documents.

How to Order Copies

  • 1. Fill out a Copy Center Job Requisition form. You must include the following:
  • a. Project Code
  • b. Requestor name and phone extension
  • c. Date and time the job is needed
  • 2. Bring form and original documents to Copy Center or the Reception Desk
  • 3. Inform Copy Center staff of your finishing needs.
  • 4. Allow 24 hours for job completion

Local Copiers

Wagner has copiers for general office use as well as copiers specifically indicated for student use.

Satellite Copiers

These are copiers for walk-up use, located on each floor at each end of the building. These copiers are for small jobs only. You must have a copy code to use these machines.

Paper for these copiers is supplied on a daily basis and any repair issues should be reported to reception at x87400. They will arrange servicing
If you require a new code to be assigned to a copy machine, please email Kathleen Walcott or call x87403

Student Copier

This copier is located on the 2nd floor of the Puck Building, to the left of the door by the Pantry. It is for student use only and requires payment via Campus Cash using the One-Card system.


These are located in the second floor mailroom and near the faculty clerical staff on the third floor. Confidential materials should always be shredded before disposal/recycling.

Copy Pricing

(prices per page)

  • Student Copies: 10¢ Requires NYU One-Card.
  • Copy Center B/W: 5¢
  • Copy Center Color: 75¢

Copier Codes

These are 5 digit codes that you will need to make local copies. Each Department or Project has its own code to track expenses.

Below is a link to the list of codes. As copier use is monitored regularly, please be sure to use only the appropriate codes. Failure to do so will result in changes to user access.

Copy Center Docs

Course Packets

Course packets and jobs requiring copyright clearance should be sent to: