Who’s Involved

The members of the International Working Group included:


Marco Cangiano served as Assistant Director of the IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department and Head of its Public Financial Management Division, as well as a member of the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) steering committee. He has been a Visiting Scholar at NYU Wagner and teaches in the Executive Program of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He is now an independent consultant affiliated with the Overseas Development Institute and the UN Capital Development Fund/Better Than Cash Alliance. Marco served on the Working Group until April 2018.


Edward Hedger (Co-Principal Author) formerly served as Managing Director of the Overseas Development Institute, with senior leadership responsibility for ODI’s work on economics, finance and development strategy. His prior posts at ODI included Director of Economic Development and Finance, and Head of the Centre for Aid and Public Expenditure (CAPE). Ed continues to work with NYU Wagner, is a Nonresident Fellow at the Center for Global Development, and regularly consults with international organizations.


Roger Koppl is Professor of Finance in the Whitman School of Management of Syracuse University and a faculty fellow in the University’s Forensic and National Security Sciences Institute. His research interests include the economic theory of experts, complexity theory, and the production and distribution of knowledge in society.


Florence N. Kuteesa served for 21 years in Uganda’s Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, where she rose to the post of Budget Director. She subsequently worked for the IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department, and for private consulting firms. Florence is a founding member of the Collaborative African Budget Reform Initiative (CABRI), a network of senior budget officials in Africa. 


Nick Manning (Co-Principal Author) formerly served at the World Bank, most recently as Head of the Governance and Public Sector Management group before retiring in 2013. His previous posts included serving as Sector Manager for Public Sector and Governance in the World Bank’s Latin America and Caribbean Region, and as Head of the Public Sector Management and Performance Division at the OECD. 


Barbara Nunberg worked for many years at the World Bank, most recently from 2002-2009 as Sector Manager for Public Sector Governance for East Asia and the Pacific Region, where she was responsible for strategy development, client/partner relationships, regional research, and managing staff and programs in the region. Subsequently, she served as Professor of Professional Practice at Columbia University’s School for International and Public Affairs and as a Visiting Scholar at NYU Wagner.  


Jana Orac (Project Manager) is a public policy consultant with a focus on civil service compensation and human resource management in low- and middle-income countries.  She previously worked for the World Bank as a public sector management specialist.   


Allen Schick (Co-Principal Author) is Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy. Widely regarded among the world’s foremost experts on budget policy, he has consulted with presidential administrations, members of Congress, and worked with institutions and governments all over the world. His professional history also includes research positions at the Urban Institute and the Brookings Institution and teaching positions at Tufts University and Syracuse University. 


Paul Smoke (Principal Investigator) is Professor of Public Finance and Planning at NYU Wagner, where he teaches courses on public finance, development planning, governance and development assistance. His research and policy interests include urban and regional development and the political economy of fiscal reform and public sector decentralization.  He has worked extensively with a wide range of international development partners.


Duvvuri Subbarao had a long career as a member of the Indian Administrative Service.  He served as Governor of the Reserve Bank of India from 2008-13, prior to which he was Finance Secretary to the Government of India (2007-08) and Secretary to the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council (2005-07).  He has worked at the World Bank and held visiting appointments at the National University of Singapore and the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for the Advanced Study of India.


The members of the Advisory Group (affiliations indicated during the period of the project) were Neil Cole (Collaborative Africa Budget Reform Initiative), Salam Fayyad (Princeton School of Public and International Affairs), Vicente Fretes Cibils (Inter-American Development Bank), Keith Hansen (World Bank), Homi Kharas (Brookings Institution), Rathin Roy (National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, India), Antoinette Sayeh (Center for Global Development), Seth Terkper (PFM-Tax Africa Network), and Deborah Wetzel (World Bank).


NYU Wagner graduate students Thomas Kalogeropoulos, Suley Ouattara, and Jocelyne Uwayo provided excellent research assistance.


Vishal Gujadhur and Chisom Okechukwu of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation offered guidance and feedback throughout the work. The idea for the work originated from Philipp Krause of the Gates Foundation, who provided ongoing advice. 


Amanda Green edited the report with meticulous care and Maria Cardinale provided valuable design services. 


The team consulted many experts in public finance and development cooperation in the USA, Europe and other regions. They gave generously of their time, ideas, and advice. Those contributions are acknowledged in the final report.


Requests for additional information may be sent to the NYU Wagner Principal Investigator Paul Smoke.