Teaching Material


There is a wealth of material available online re: teaching ethics, and a there are also many useful resources on teaching about the federal regulations and IRB system. In this section, we have collected resources in both of these areas.

Teaching about Ethics

(Note that this section is under construction - many more postings to come; we welcome contributions!)

Teaching about the IRB

 Journal of Empirical Research in Human Research Ethics (JERHRE)

This wonderful resource does much more than give tips about "teaching about IRBs." JERHRE is an empirical journal with the goal of documenting and assessing the behavior and aspirations of researchers and IRBs. As Founding Editor Joan Sieber has described the scope: "just as evidence-based medicine evaluates time-honored medical practices, evidence-based ethics evaluates whether ethical principles are applied intelligently. Such research improves ethical decision making and hastens the evolution of best practices."

JERHRE is meant to be useful. Each article concludes with sections on "Best Practices," "Research Agenda," and "Educational Implications." In addition each issue has a full section designed to educate students, investigators and IRBs. The material in the journal is suitable for classroom use. Published by University of California Press, the current issue of the journal is available online.

JERHRE NOTES are one-pagers that provide teaching and classroom projects as well as IRB education materials. If you are interested in receiving JERHRE NOTES by email, send your email address, asking to be a free subscriber to JERHRE NOTES to Dr. Mary Simmerling Editor of JERHRE NOTES, at mcs@uchicago.edu